Monday, December 20, 2010

Brewers got a starter (And are all in!)

I'll say this. Doug Melvin isn't going into this year with some half-assed milquetoast sort of an attempt at a fix. The big acquisition isn't going to be an overaged #3-#4 starter who collapses after start #6. The bold move isn't that they traded for James Loney.

They got Zack freaking Greinke. They got their new Sabathia.

The future of this team could be looking very bleak. 2013 could have 103 losses. And the definite downside of losing Brett Lawrie is compounded by losing the #1 pitching prospect, the guy who should be starting at center field, a tarnished, but upside strong shortstop, and the Kansas City Royals next closer.

But that being said? Odorizzi hasn't hit AA. A lot changes for a pitcher when he hits AA. Still a strong prospect, but better arms have hit a wall. And Alcides Escobar's floor is currently matched by Yuniesky Betancourt. And the next failed drug test from Jeremy Jeffress and he's gone. Just gone.

It's like John Sickels says, it's a whole lot of decent prospects going back to Kansas City. And for the Brewers to get Grienke in return? It's exciting. Even if 2009 is so much the career year and 2008 is his real baseline. It's a massive upgrade.

They're probably not going to match the bold on paper talent of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels. But then again? You look at the Brewers and you see a 25, 27, and 28 year old as your core rotation, with Randy Wolf suddenly only having to put up 4th starters numbers. And this is going to be a strong bunch.

Prince Fielder's walk year, Ryan Braun, and an A- rotation? Half measures did not occur this year. Melvin made moves as if it was some sort of win or die scenario. And God love him for it.

All-in is awesome, until it fails.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brewers got a starter...

And I suppose this is what cautious optimism feels like. Why? Because this is the sort of a deal that has a real downside for the Brewers.

Not that Shaun Marcum is a high-risk player. Sure, he has a Tommy John in his past, but he's had three years of quality starter in the majors under his belt. And he slots in as a legitimate #2 starter. So instead of just praying Mark Rogers is decent and Randy Wolf returns to form?

You're going into 2011 with two starters that should win 60%-70% of their games. It fills a big hole for right now. And with Cincinnati as a small-market team and St. Louis's defense looking awful on any gapper? There's room at the top of the NL Central.

But that being said? And it may be payment of the cost to be the boss, but if it was anybody else not named Brett Lawrie, I would have loved this deal without doubt or provocation. But as it is Lawrie? I am with reservation.

Two reasons as to why. One? The Brewers best upper level infield prospect? Taylor Green. A 24 year old that hasn't met AAA yet. And with a .774 OPS in AA. And he's a defensive tweener!

And second? You know what, worry about tomorrow when it comes. Tonight we got ourselves a strong starter. And he's ours for two years.

I will celebrate tonight.