Monday, December 20, 2010

Brewers got a starter (And are all in!)

I'll say this. Doug Melvin isn't going into this year with some half-assed milquetoast sort of an attempt at a fix. The big acquisition isn't going to be an overaged #3-#4 starter who collapses after start #6. The bold move isn't that they traded for James Loney.

They got Zack freaking Greinke. They got their new Sabathia.

The future of this team could be looking very bleak. 2013 could have 103 losses. And the definite downside of losing Brett Lawrie is compounded by losing the #1 pitching prospect, the guy who should be starting at center field, a tarnished, but upside strong shortstop, and the Kansas City Royals next closer.

But that being said? Odorizzi hasn't hit AA. A lot changes for a pitcher when he hits AA. Still a strong prospect, but better arms have hit a wall. And Alcides Escobar's floor is currently matched by Yuniesky Betancourt. And the next failed drug test from Jeremy Jeffress and he's gone. Just gone.

It's like John Sickels says, it's a whole lot of decent prospects going back to Kansas City. And for the Brewers to get Grienke in return? It's exciting. Even if 2009 is so much the career year and 2008 is his real baseline. It's a massive upgrade.

They're probably not going to match the bold on paper talent of Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, and Hamels. But then again? You look at the Brewers and you see a 25, 27, and 28 year old as your core rotation, with Randy Wolf suddenly only having to put up 4th starters numbers. And this is going to be a strong bunch.

Prince Fielder's walk year, Ryan Braun, and an A- rotation? Half measures did not occur this year. Melvin made moves as if it was some sort of win or die scenario. And God love him for it.

All-in is awesome, until it fails.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Brewers got a starter...

And I suppose this is what cautious optimism feels like. Why? Because this is the sort of a deal that has a real downside for the Brewers.

Not that Shaun Marcum is a high-risk player. Sure, he has a Tommy John in his past, but he's had three years of quality starter in the majors under his belt. And he slots in as a legitimate #2 starter. So instead of just praying Mark Rogers is decent and Randy Wolf returns to form?

You're going into 2011 with two starters that should win 60%-70% of their games. It fills a big hole for right now. And with Cincinnati as a small-market team and St. Louis's defense looking awful on any gapper? There's room at the top of the NL Central.

But that being said? And it may be payment of the cost to be the boss, but if it was anybody else not named Brett Lawrie, I would have loved this deal without doubt or provocation. But as it is Lawrie? I am with reservation.

Two reasons as to why. One? The Brewers best upper level infield prospect? Taylor Green. A 24 year old that hasn't met AAA yet. And with a .774 OPS in AA. And he's a defensive tweener!

And second? You know what, worry about tomorrow when it comes. Tonight we got ourselves a strong starter. And he's ours for two years.

I will celebrate tonight.

Monday, November 29, 2010

So you know how I watch wrestling, right?

If not? I do. I watch wrestling. And tonight had one heck of a main event. It wasn't the most technically proficient. But the story told here was awesome.

You have Jerry "the King" Lawler. 61 years old. Kind of a perv. But on his birthday? He's gets himself a match with the recently crowned WWE Champion The Miz.

And logically, you'd expect the match to go the way of the Miz. But the story told was a story where WWE Announcing colleague Michael Cole stopped Jerry inches from stealing the championship.

It allowed the Miz to recover, and ultimately win.

(Sorry about the Spoiler, but the listing of the age up front shoulda told ya.)

An entertaining match. Well broadcast and whatnot. But? There are people who find fault with the match. There are people who find fault with the Leader of the Cole Miners.

Are you ready for Swears? Go!

Wrestling Fans. You have to love them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Arizona Stanford Prediction...

Awesome title, am I right?

But in the battle for the Holiday Bowl, this week will give you the team that's most likely to face Oklahoma in the Holiday Bowl. It's either a rematch of the Sun Bowl. Whimsy right there. Or it would be a Stoops Civil War. Which would have been hilarious.

Stanford's major strength is the fact that Stepfan Taylor has found a way to fill the hole of Toby Gerhart. Andrew Luck's just been his level of core competence, but if there was going to be success for the Cardinal? They were going to have to run the ball.

The line does deserve massive propers as well. They've allowed 3 sacks all year and generated the 12th ranked rush offense in the nation and 13th in runs per attempt. You want to know the reason why the Cardinal have 50 red zone attempts and are 2nd in the nation on 3rd down conversions? They've got an offensive line of genius power.

And if Arizona is going to win? Their defense is going to have to beat the offensive line. Not to say that their front seven isn't mighty. 6th against the run, 7th in terms of scoring defense. 3rd in sacks, 11th in tackles for loss, and 4th in yardage the defense has gained in their tackles for loss. Ricky Elmore is playing his ass off right now. And Jonathan Martin draws the assignment.

And don't forget that Brooks Reed is a solid second defensive lineman who can generate pressure in regards to the pass rush. Arizona is going to attack. And they're going to need to get to Andrew Luck. Because as the great American Ricky Stanzi showed, when you have time to throw, Arizona is beatable.

All in all? Neither team is going to score a copious amount of points. Arizona is going to get points whether or not Nick Foles can play. But Andrew Luck's going to have a fine game in response. They're going to play a solid, disciplined game overall, and they'll get a win. By like four.

Stanford 28, Arizona 24.

Baylor as Big 12 South Champs?

Am I kidding? Not really. It could happen. They get past Oklahoma state and all they have to do is beat Texas A&M and a paper tiger named Oklahoma. At worst, they're winning nine games. At worst.

Then again. They still have to get past Oklahoma State. And that means they get the mad genius of on Dana Hologorsen. And that's doomswitch time.

Now that being said, it's not as if Baylor can't matriculate the ball down the field with equal parts moxie and vigah. Both teams are top 10 in total offense, pass offense, as well as yards per play. Fun times could be had by all. Both teams could score 40.

Maybe even 50. After all, both teams can be thrown upon with equal parts moxie and vigor as well. Baylor's 87th against the pass. Oklahoma State? 113th. Remember, Taylor Martinez threw for 300 on the Cowboys.

So, obviously points are going to be scored and scored and scored and scored. So what's going to swing the game? Two things.

1) Red Zone play. Baylor's scored 15 touchdowns in 35 attempts. Oklahoma State has allowed 18 touchdowns in 29 red zone attempts. So if Baylor is going to win, they've got to avoid turning seven into three.

2) Baylor's been merely decent on the road. They got buzzbombed by a great TCU team, and that's okay. Because TCU is great. But that Texas Tech game is worrisome. The lone moment of pure Air Raid Magic came against Baylor. And the week after? Oklahoma State came into Lubbock and shut that down.

The winner of this game is going to win the Big 12 South. Oklahoma has to travel to both places to end the year, and I guarandamntee that they will not emerge unscathed. So, who wins this one? I'll say Oklahoma State 48, Baylor 44.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TCU-UTAH prediction?

Sure, I'm game for this. This is the sort of game that seems like it's going to come down to one thing. Both sides are pretty evenly matched. Tremendous offense versus Tremendous defense. Both teams have strong running games and both teams can stop the run.

Both teams can stop the pass. Both teams put up over 40 points and allow about 9-14 points per game. Both teams allow about 4 yards per play and generate about 7. Neither team has given up more than 5 sacks.

The one difference? Turnovers. Utah has a propensity to give them up. It's not as if they're at a -8 or anything. And it's not as if TCU is really great at generating them either. But, this needs further explanation. Like who played who and what not.

And here's where the other difference comes in. While neither team has a schedule to write home about, there is a stark difference in terms of the quality of play these teams have faced in terms of Yards Per Play Margin.

Point of fact, outside of the top 4, the Mountain West is really terrible this year. But while Pittsburgh is the best team that Utah played, and played entirely too closely I might add. Baylor and SMU both are giving it just as well as they are getting it this year, and while Oregon State's not going anywhere of consequence, their opening game versus TCU was them at the peak of their powers.

Jordan-Echols is going to be worth about 4 points for Utah. But TCU's toughness and that one Utah Mistake are going to be worth about 14. It'll be a tight one. But TCU is going to hang on. TCU 17, Utah 13. 

I have this notion.

This hunch if you will, that Boise State is about to lose. Sounds crazy, I know. But the thing about a stunning upset? Nobody's really going to talk about it. So, let me tell you why this can happen. And why this most likely won't.

1) Hawaii is freaking spectacular through the air.
The worst aspect of their game is in terms of completion percentage. 64.0% is good for 31st nationally. Then it's 11th in terms of yards per attempt, and they are the best in the world in terms of passing touchdowns, touchdown to interception ratio, and passing yardage. It's awesome numbers. And there's no reason why it can't continue.

2) They generate turnovers.
You need to be a ballhawking team if you're looking to shock the world. And Hawaii is talented at winning the turnover battle. 26 turnovers is good for 2nd in the country. A turnover margin of 11 is good enough for 4th. If this is to happen, you need to find success in this respect. Boise doesn't make many mistakes, but Hawaii can take advantage.

3) They make with the first downs.
218. Tied for 3rd. More first downs than Auburn and Baylor. Good for 11th in terms of per game. That means these kids sustain drives. And lord knows they will need to do it.

And yet? Because it's Boise State, and the game is in Boise. There are real reasons for this to be the fever dreams of someone desperate for content.And not just because it's a road game for the Rainbow Warriors.

1) They're 111th in Rush Offense.
Which is legitimately terrible to be sure, but the fact of the matter is that they weren't exactly likely going to get untracked against Boise State's 2nd ranked Rush D. There's gonna be a lot of off tackles for a yard and a half up in there.

2) They give up a bunch of sacks.
20 sacks in 9 games. Kinda terrible, it's tied for 88th in the nation. Though they have overcome this when they faced teams that generate sacks like Army and Fresno State, but Boise State is the sort of team where they have additional power to their defense. See point #1 for further proof. See point #3 for further further proof.

3) Boise State is a step up in Passing D weight class.
They're 8th in Pass Yardage. And as such? They are a few ticks better than Army and Fresno State. And a lot of ticks better than a USC. It's an unknown how exactly Hawaii is going to work against a defense such as this. Then again? Army and Fresno State gave up a combined 54-86 with 719 yards and 6 scores against an Hawaii could bring something to the table.

So what does it all mean. It means that Hawaii is probably going to have a game much like their game against USC, without USC chasing points from the two point conversions. Boise State's going to have a solid game. But Hawaii will be hanging around. Hanging around.

They'll be in a situration, a 4th and 4 from the 33, down by like 9. And it'll be midway through the third quarter. They hit the situation, and they'll go down to the wire. They don't?

They cover. Barely.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm going to tell you who's going to play for the national title.

I can do it right now. It'll take a bit, but I'll actually see if I can't give this blog some content.

Why, because Yards per play is an important factor. It's not the only factor. But in terms of legitimate quality of team, if you can generate two more yards per play than your defense, your team is truly great. The closer the ratio can get to a 7/4? The more legitimate your team is,

So, where does that leave us? Looking at the BCS, I'm only going to consider the Top 12 because at this point in the year, it's too long of a road with half a season to go. So from Stanford on down to Akron? Good night, drive home safely.

(Arizona could make a dent by beating Stanford and Oregon, but that Oregon State game is too bad of a loss.)

So from #12 to #1 we'll break it down logically. (Yards Per Play/Yards allowed)

12. LSU Tigers 7-1 (5.0/4.5)
LSU is going to lose again. They may even lose twice. Alabama's (7.1/4.7) got a week off to get healthy for the LSU game? And as such Alabama should be at the peak of their powers and LSU's bye week advantage gets negated. They end the year versus Arkansas (7.4/5.4), and while it's going to be close, they do project themselves as a sort of a Mr. Pibb to Auburn's (7/3/5.0) Dr. Pepper. The offense is too good for LSU's lack of it to overcome.

11. Ohio State Buckeyes 7-1 (6.4/4.0)
There's something to be said for the Big 10's season ending early. And while Iowa (6.4/4.7), while out of any sort of national championship contention, looms large for any team that crosses their path. Kirk Ferentz seems to give a deferential treatment to the Buckeyes. So barring the great American Ricky Stanzi going forth and racing to a 21-3 lead? I think the Buckeyes win out.

10. Wisconsin Badgers 7-1 (6.5/5.3)
Being the 11th ranked defense in the top 12 of giving up yards allowed is not going to be so much of an issue for three of the games. Indiana's offense rolls out for 5.7 yards per play, but their defense gives up 6.5. That's going to be most likely the worst of it, inexplicable Northwestern upset notwithstanding. That being said? The Badgers travel to Ann Arbor. They're 6-27 there. Last time there they allowed the only good moment of the first year of the Rich Rod era.

These Badgers can move the ball with some efficiency. But Michigan is generating 7.5 yards per play. That is the game that makes me think 10-2 and the loser of LSU/Arkansas or Sakerlina in the Outback Bowl is the final destination.

9. Oklahoma Sooners 7-1 (5.3/5.5)
The fun fact about the first BCS Poll? Oklahoma was allowing more yards per play than they put up. So the Sooners are paper tigers, so to speak. Stoops should be able to escape unscathed from the next three (Colorado (4.8/6.1), @ Texas A&M (5.5/4.6), Texas Tech (5.4/5.5)) But he ends the year with Baylor, who's doing it on Robert Griffin and an average defense (7.3/5.2), and Oklahoma State, who's deathly afraid of losing the coach whose offensive mind is so strong no hair may grow above it. (6.9/5.1). The Sooners won't win both, and I'm steeling myself for them to win neither.

8. Utah Utes 7-0 (7.4/4.0)
TCU might not be in the national championship conversation for much longer. Utah is generating almost a yard more per play on offense and is doing as well yardage wise as the Horned Frogs defensively. And this game is going to be in Salt Lake City. Though if they do that? San Diego State (6.7/4.6) may be the responding trap game. It's between a game in South Bend and what looks to be one of the last Holy Wars ever with BYU, and the Aztecs have already shown they can play this year, losing by 3 to Missouri and losing by controversy to BYU as their two losses.

And this game is going to be in San Diego.
So yeah, the internet meme shares my beliefs.

7. Alabama Crimson Tide 7-1 (7.1/4.7)
So it looks as if it's going to come down to the Iron Bowl here. Though LSU may just be an emotional response to the fact that Cam Newton has the Heisman on lockdown. But that offense is just not trustworthy, They have to get to 24 points to have a prayer vs. Alabama, and I will not gamble upon it. Auburn on the other hand? Could be different.

6. Missouri Tigers 7-0 (6.0/4.7)
Fun fact? Missouri's going to lose to Nebraska (7.3/4.6). The indie darlings of 2007 are going to get knocked out by that game, because after that point, they'll win out. Beyond Nebraska, Kansas State's defense is terrible (6.1/6.1), and they're the second best chance for the Tigers to get knocked off. But 11-1 and a Holiday Bowl finish is in their future. Celebrate.

5. Michigan State Spartans 8-0 (7.0/4.7)
Like the Badgers and Ann Arbor, Iowa City has been problematic for Sparty. The last time they won there? 1989. Iowa's defense may have been tarnished by their performance against Wisconsin, but they're still the best defense that they've faced all year, and it's Sparty's only real road test. Iowa's going to play the October surprise for a potential BCS title run again, though Michigan State gets the BCS berth via the tiebreaker.

4. TCU Horned Frogs 8-0 (6.7/4.1)
Utah and TCU are similar. They face each other and have San Diego State looming as a spry trap game. For TCU it's the only thing stepping between them and freedom. Well, they play New Mexico, but Mike Locksley's last in yards per play on offense. So in the words of Barney Stinson, please. That being said? An 11-1 TCU may not fall far enough to get aced out of at-large consideration.

3. Boise State Broncos 6-0 (7.7/3.6)
An aside, there's no reason to think Virginia Tech won't go 10-2 and play Florida State for the ACC title. The hiccup with James Madison may not mean a thing to Boise. Traveling to Nevada may not mean a thing to Boise either. Why? Hawaii and the South Carolina corollary. Everybody pointed to the Iron Bowl (late season game) as Alabama's only remaining test.

And while the ostrich Kaepernick is good? Bryant Moniz has the sort of offense that can stay alive even in a game where they're giving a B effort. And as you can see by the comparison below, (not to mention that small thing about a head to head match-up)?

Hawaii (7.5/4.9)
Nevada (7.0/5.5)

Hawaii is the better team. And nobody's talking about them as a legitimate threat for Boise State. Theretofore...the internet meme shares my beliefs.

2. Oregon Ducks 7-0 (7.3/4.5)
Duck fans have a reason to engender some confidence. USC is like a bizzaro LSU (7.3/6.0) that's no fun to root for. And while Nick Foles' hair is awesome? It may not be enough to win a shootout in Autzen Stadium for Arizona (6.4/4.5). So, barring a catastrophic injury/fool acting to a LaMichael James or a Derron Thomas (which in this instance may not matter as much as back in 2007)? The Ducks will be BCS bound with confidence.

1. Auburn Tigers 8-0 (7.3/5.0)
It's not going to be a problem getting to 10-0. Ole Miss is bad at football (6.0/5.7) and UT-Chattanooga isn't going to pull any sort of anything. A.J. Green has been worth a half a yard per play by his presence alone, and when you consider it to be the game just before the Iron Bowl? There's no reason not to believe the Bulldogs can keep it close.

But they won't win. Auburn versus Alabama will likely decide the other compatriot in the BCS title game. And here's why it goes to Auburn.

1. Auburn's sack total? 20, good for a tie for 13th. Alabama's sacks allowed? 22 Good for 105th.
2. Cam Newton. If he's healthy, he was the reason why LSU's defense traveled from great to merely good. Alabama's defense is merely good.
3. Auburn's 9th in 10+ yard plays from scrimmage, and Alabama is 88th in 10+ yard plays from scrimmage.

So, Alabama goes 10-2, Auburn wins the SEC, and they play Oregon for the BCS Title while a lot of turmoil reigns down below the 1-2 spots. And now you don't have to play the games.

You're welcome. Bye!


Friday, September 24, 2010

In Other News...

Marshall Newhouse is rostered on the Green Bay Packers. So far, his career trajectory has been better than I thought. So, yeah. I was wrong about something.

The League and Owning Your Nerdiness...

Today, I'm here to talk to you about the fantastical football. There will be no mentions of Jahvid Best or Shonn Greene. I'm going to focus my brain and fingers in regards to the FX comedy program. And how now, on this night. I am outing myself as a nerd.

Now, obviously, as I am a guy who once used OPS+ to argue Pete Browning's case for Baseball Hall of Fame induction and has shown you a good comic book or two to read in the past? I've made minimal effort to chase some sort of a perceived cool. But never once have I used a show's technical flaws against it. Rule of Funny/Cool beats Rule of Logic and all that.

Tonight? That all changed. For tonight, there was a simple, who do I start question. Mere moments after It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ended on a quality "We're Lawyers!" Stephen Ranasazzi asked his TV Wife if he should start Ricky Williams or Toby Gerhart.

I know what you, the unfortunate few who stumbled between desperate photos used to generate hits, must be thinking. What does that matter? I will tell you. Toby Gerhart should not be drafted in an 8 team league. An 8 team league would at most have 40 running backs. But okay, fine, say the young Mr. Stephen ended up with the Purple Jesus and handcuffed Gerhart.

You always go with the guy who isn't the fucking backup. Always. For the love of pete. It would be like a Star Trek Officer asking for Red. It would be like a pro wrestling good guy actually not falling for the Silicone-enhanced heel lady. It would be like Daredevil killing a guy.

But until the writers decide to step their game up and go above and beyond asking Matthew Berry if Kareem Huggins exists? I cannot give these people the time of day.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thoughts on a Rivalry...

They say the best villains are mirror images of the hero. Two sides of the same coin. Batman's strict moral code enmeshed with the Joker's nihilism and whatnot. And pro wrestling has the potential to have a classic feud developing between the Miz and Daniel Bryan.

The former Bryan Danielson is someone who represents the self-made wrestler. He's the world traveler. The one who willed himself through a lengthy match with a 300 pound Japanese man beast with a broken eye socket. The one who built a following on the fact that he could wrestle. The one everybody on the internet seemed to hope for success, but half-expected him to fail.

That being said? The Miz is the MTV star. Real World-Road Rules challenge icon. The one who willed himself into tag teaming with Coral whilst Danielson went through the Best of the Super Juniors. The one with the following built on the fact that he made himself into a character. The one the internet seemed to hope for failure, but is delightfully surprised to see that he has a legitimate claim to awesomeness.

And in this one minute? The Miz tells the viewing public why this feud has a real chance to be something memorable. Two sides of the same coin.The Miz has put in a lot of work to be where he is today, and the average fan doesn't realize, and the internet fan would never deign to put him on the same level as the heroic Daniel Bryan. Thus Bryan must pay.

On a pure storytelling level? This has a chance to be a starmaker and a moneymaker. I cannot wait to watch this unfold.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Live from the Portage Public Library!

It's me telling you that this time off is legitimate. As I have been without computer for the last 8 days. It should return at some point this week. Whee.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five Fantastical Football Thoughts on Quarterbacks

1) The quarterback with the best playoff schedule? Joe Flacco. It’s not as if he’ll be starting too hot this year. But if you’re a contender looking for an insurance policy at QB? Flacco is the one to target. And he now has Anquan Boldin.

2) The quarterback with the easiest starting schedule? Jason Campbell. Yeah, I know, telling someone to take a Raiders quarterback is like telling someone that Plaxico Burress is draftable. But for what it’s worth? Everybody loved Chaz Schilens last year and Darius Heyward-Bey doesn’t seem as useless as he did last year.

3) On schedule alone? The one top-tier quarterback that worries me beyond anyone is Matt Schaub.

4) On schedule alone? Peyton Manning is going to have another boringly awesome year.

5) And if you need a quarterback who’s going to be a fine one-week plug in for the byes? Why not get into the Josh Freeman business. Week 5 at Cincy is marginally good and Week 10 vs. Carolina is probably a recipe for not good, but here’s weeks 6-9. New Orelans, St. Louis, @ Arizona, @ Atlanta. Even a marginally good quarterback can find his way into a good month through that schedule.
Funny how it takes twitter going down to actually get me to blog.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have one word of advice for Doug Melvin!

Nine games out of first in the NL Central. 10 games out of the wild card slot. Seven teams to leapfrog to get that selfsame Wild Card. And the Milwaukee Brewers have decided that they're all in. Okay, maybe not all in.

But they're not looking to make a deal for a player they're not going to be able to keep or the guy having the career year. And it does not allow for them to get right. Because the fact of the matter? The Brewers are a fundamentally flawed team. It's a lot of power and hoping Yovani Gallardo and rain outs the other four days of the week.

Can you tell me that any other starter has been pitching well for the Brewers? Bush's ERA is about average, but the way his command has been going, that cannot possibly last. Randy Wolf's earned every ounce of terrible that he's been this year. Narveson's been slightly unlucky but not so much where his terrible is defensible. Parra's been okay and Capuano's got too small of a sample size to tell you the whys and wherefores of his year.

You know what? I can see the other side as well. The Brewers don't have to lose Hart and Fielder this year. There are interesting pitchers in free agency that could be affordable. But? Do you really want a Bedard-Pavano-Wellenmeyer free agent class as the answer to the rotation question?

I don't.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Where I talk Jeremiah Masoli as well as the NCAA Banhammer

Two SEC football posts here.


NCAA Banhammer:

Five thoughts on your Milwaukee Bucks

1) Keyon Dooling is a nice signing. He brings a good amount of skill in running the offense and the ability to play the two. And his last two years have shown that he's able to hit from beyond the arc. I like it. I like it very much.

2) For a guy they were probably going to cut anyway? Jon Brockman is interesting. He has one marketable skill in Rebounding. That being said?

3) Larry Sanders, Tiny Gallon, and Luc Mbah a Moute all play the 4 with some real skill. Not to mention Ersan Ilyasova and Drew Gooden. Logjam? Hell yeah.

4) Jerome Jordan? I know the Bucks sure could use some of that right now.

5) But tonight? We do the we didn't sign Travis Diener dance.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Attractive Woman Haiku: Brittany Athey

Brittany Athey Pictures, Images and PhotosPigtails are awesome.
A celebrity lookalike?
Jessica Simpsonish.

(17 goddamn syllables)

Attractive Woman Haiku: Alix Bromley

Alix Bromley Pictures, Images and Photos
The internet meme star.
I will give you two guesses.
As to what is epic.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So yeah. Luke Ridnour's been signed.

If you were a Bucks fan you've been steeling yourself for the departure of Luke Ridnour from the Bucks. Today doesn't come as so much of a surprise. Ridnour's been signed. But that's not the story.

The team that signed him is.

Now, if you're reading this, you inadvertently clicked away from a photo of Kim Kardashian's ass, so I'll do this with some build. We're living in a world where you have a team that is managed by someone who makes Isiah Thomas look competent.

Check out the bullet points.
  • Drafted 4 point guards and made sure that his best point guard would stay in Spain last year (dealing the second best one to Denver as well.).
  • Added a quality point guard to further muddle the situation.
  • Signed an irrelevant joke best known for launching a classic NBA blog to a contract worth 5 million dollars a year.
  • Drafting two, and trading for two small forwards this year. (Trading a valuable salary chip for Martell Webster in the process.)
  • Adding one of the best headcases of the modern era (who also plays small forward).
  • Trading one of the best young low post scorers in the league in year two after an ACL injury to Utah for Kosta Koufos (who may...may grow up to be serviceable), two protected picks, and a trade exception. And yes, this was after they signed the man who launched the classic NBA blog.
And to the Timberwolves? There goes Luke Ridnour. For another 4 years and 16 million dollars. At a position where it would be easier to bring back Nick Calathes. Where Ramon Sessions is already an overqualified backup point guard. .

If I'm Glen Taylor? I put David Kahn under the MRI machine. Check for a tumor. Because clearly David Kahn is a troubled man.

In where the SEC runs College Football Scheduling

I do not defend the methodology of the scheduling of the FCS games for the Division 1-A teams. But the SEC does it differently than most. And as such? It's intriguing and a potential future trend.

Remember where you heard it from first.

Monday, July 12, 2010

In Which I Discuss Matters of Trappery in the SEC

You want to see where the top teams of the SEC can get taken down? You do? Bless your heart. We’re going to show you where you can look for an upset and we can do it…

Please do enjoy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Attractive Woman Haiku: Ashley Greene

Asshley Greene Pictures, Images and Photos A new Megan Fox?
It doesn't matter really.
Next ones coming soon.

The Top Ten People Who Feel Good About LeBron's Newgrabbery

10. David Vitter
9. Jeff Greene
8. Jim Lecky
7. The Taliban
6. Bruno Fernandes (The Brazillian Rae Carruth)
5. The Homophobes of Cameroon
4. The NRCC
3. Sharon Angle
2. Johannes Mehserle (Oakland's burning right now.)

And the #1 person feeling great about how LeBron stole the Newscycle? Tony Heyward

Ba dum bum.

Okay. An obligatory LeBron James take.

I know, another LeBron take on the internet is something you don't want to read. But if I'm not going to sleep before I get this posted? I may as well put it out there.

Did I watch the special? No. I did not watch the special. Like most of us on the internet, the mere idea that LeBron James was going to get an hour to massage his ego made me sick. I would rather replay the frustrating sequence of Mr. Zero in GTA San Andreas and watch the delightful paintball episode of Community than attempt to stomach this.

Any problem with him signing with Miami? I believe that they're going to implode at some point. Strange things happen. Wade's injury prone. Bosh is mercurial. See the above paragraph. for my opinion on LeBron. That being said, he seems to be playing with his friends. And on that instance alone? I have no problem with LeBron.

But the biggest and my potential most hypocritical problem? His ego trip is a win. Seriously. Remember the premise of the special was to get people talking about him.

What's this post about?

Kevin Durant could be considered as much of a transcendent talent as Mr. James. And you could ask your average casual NBA fan about him and they may not know that he signed an extension with the Thunder. A classy, quiet move. And he should be rightfully regarded highly for it.

But he lost the news cycle. And I helped.

Yay, huh?

Attractive Woman Haiku: Katy Perry

A hipster doofus?
Sure. But one fact stays true.
Titties is mainstream.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love, Hope, and College Football Gimmicks

Though in fairness? If it's a well-regarded post, it's not a gimmick. For those of you who just got here. The rules of this post are simple. There are 120 teams. And there are reasons to love each and every one of them.

These can be empirical, these can be whimsical. Sometimes? They can even seem irrational. But it's all good. Something for everybody and whatnot.


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Atlantic Coast
Boston College
: There always seems to be a legit talent in the recent history of the Eagles. From Matty Ice to B.J. Raji to this years tag team at linebacker? There's always a reason why the Eagles will kick a little ass in the ACC. This year you get the Freshman sensation Luke Kuechly's sequel in conjunction with Mark Herzlich. If he doesn't inspire you by playing football after breaking bad? I have no time for you.
Clemson: The X-Factor for Clemson will most likely be their Corico Vision. For you see? Their secondary is badass. Their defensive line is badass. The linebackers? Brandon Maye is badass. But Corico Hawkins needs to step up if their defense is going to rival...
Duke: At a brocentric school like Duke, there is a semblance of hope that with the considerably lowered entry for a bowl game, and the experienced offense, there could be a Bro trip to a locale like Albuquerque, Boise, or St. Petersburg. Now while I won't tell such brochachos to reserve their tickets, I will say that Desmond Scott will run the ball for many yards. And bros, that's a good thing.
Florida State: You want to know the reason why I shed no tears for Bobby Bowden? He had an electrifying athlete who was looking like a shutdown cornerback? And he didn't start him. Greg Reid was never more than a return man and a nickel back. You cannot be blinded by a cool name like Ochuko Jenije. Best 11 on the field, son.
Georgia Tech: You would think that an inside running beast like Jonathan Dwyer would not be easily replaced. In this instance, you would be mistaken. Anthony Allen has a chip on his shoulder. And he will make every defender feel his pain about being ditched with Steve Kragthorpe.
Maryland: Sometimes, the premise of Linebacker U is something of a misnomer. After all, teams have 3 or 4 of them. And usually only one is interesting. But in the decade of the Fridgening? Maryland has been able to generate quality defenders at linebacker. And while Maryland is a lot worse nowadays? Alex Wujciak is a linebacker that belongs in the beginning of the decade.
Miami (FL) : Doppler 3000 has issued a weather alert for all ACC Backfields. There's a Storm coming. And with a backfield in some disarray, he has an opportunity to do damage quickly. He may either have been named after an X-Men or random bad weather, but Storm Johnson has a potential to be severe. Yeah. Sorry about that.
N.C. State: If you're looking for an interesting sleeper candidate for a professional wideout? Jarvis Williams is your man. He's big and rangy and every fourth catch of his last year? It went for a touchdown. That's Cris Carterish amateurism.
North Carolina: You want to see a team do an impression of the 2000 Baltimore Ravens? The Tar Heels are your team. On offense, they are stuck with the irrelevant joke of an offensive coordinatior in John Shoop. But on defense? Oh mama. Deep, talented, and experienced. There will be at least six prospects that will dot NFL teams draft boards that will be gone by the third round. (Robert Quinn-DE, Marvin Austin-DT, Bruce Carter-OLB, Quan Sturdivant-OLB, Kendric Burney-CB, Charles Brown-CB, and Deunta Williams-FS). Add in Tydreke Powell-DT and Quentin Coples-DE as juniors with tremendous upside potential and you won't see many teams getting to 20 against the Heels.

A long way to say, yay defense I know, but they probably could defend on a professional level this year. And only Clemson could come close in-conference.
Virginia: Sometimes with a team of little regard, there's one bright shiny superstar. For the Cavaliers, whose strength is in an experienced offensive line and Ras-I Dowling, it fits this archetype perfectly. Because Ras-I is big and rangy.
Virginia Tech: Now while the Hokies have a running back tag team that some would consider to be as deadly as Christian Okoye and Barry Word from back in the day and an emerging dual threat in Tyrod Taylor. I'm not here for that. They've recruited another awesome name. From the people who brought you Ju-Ju Clayton, it's E.L. Smiling! It's a name that makes you think of keebler and white teeth! And he's rangy too!
Wake Forest: You wouldn't normally look upon a Demon Deacon as something akin to hip-hop. After all? The most famous alumnus that I can think of is Tim Duncan. And as bros go, he is most definitely chill. But the nose guard Ramon Booi? This kid is definitively hip-hop. He will turn many P.A. announcers into annoying hypemen.

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Big 12
: The significant thing is that you get Robert Griffin back and healthy. He's the sort of threat that makes the Baylor running game a nightmare to slow down. And when you throw in a potential Terrence Cody impersonator in Phil Taylor locking down the other side of the field? A Vanderbilt-esque bowl run is not out of the question. (The schedule's a wee bit back loaded.)
Colorado: A highly touted linebacker with a ready-made nickname is ready to step back into the breach. Jon Major is in year two coming off of an ACL injury which forced the hand of the Buffaloes. They used seven linebackers for three spots last year. The prime minister should solve that whole to do,
Iowa State: Some people thought I was mad for saying that Iowa State had a window of opportunity for success. I take the general apathy toward my blog as an apology. For an encore? A healthier receiving corp with Lonzie Range and Darius Reynolds portend a stronger offense. Replacing Army with Utah? Portends a December without a bowl.
Kansas: This is what you get for firing Mark Mangino. Yeah, his methods may have been old school. But guess what? You're gonna be in Conference USA next year. Nobody wants a great college basketball program. They want a possibly insane football coach. Lew Perkins, you have made this bed, and now Rock Chalk has to lie in it.
Kansas State: Now sometimes I have this long spiel and sometimes I attempt humor. One team gets nothing. But sometimes? It's as simple as the fact that the leading rusher returns. For K-State Daniel Thomas returns. And I give him an entry as boring as his name. Not his game.
Missouri: There's history and tradition in the previous decade of quality play at quarterback at Missouri. From Brad Smith and Chase Daniel, Blaine Gabbert has been handed the reins of an offense on the grow. And when you consider his pedigree, there is no reason not to suspect he can't have a greater level of success. That's why Derrick Washington is the reason to love these Tigers.
Nebraska: The team that looks to be destroying their conference will be destroying random offensive lines with the blood lines of Baker Steinkuhler and the best name for an 1890's society woman to say "Well, I never" to in a Mister Jared Crick. Add in the royalty of Prince Amukamara, and you have the perfect heel team for fans of the Big 12. They're threatening to take the strap with them on to bigger and better things.
Oklahoma: If you want the team that will likely lose the National Championship game? Go to Norman. They have excellent triplets in Jones-Murray-Broyles, with good depth behind them. Add in some nice pieces on defense in Jeremy Beal and Travis Lewis? You can see this team roll through the regular season. And since it's a Bob Stoops team? BCS death.
Oklahoma State: Kendall Hunter is what you would consider an unselfish bro. Keith Toston was desperate to develop some sort of professional resume. And Mr. Hunter was all like relax, leave it to me. One ankle injury later and Toston was poston defenders.

...yeah. I'm sorry too. But the fact of the matter is that because Kendall Hunter's ankle decided to move aside, he gets all the carries that he can handle. Your mileage may vary on if it's a good thing.
Texas: It takes a special talent to see the field as a freshman at a program such as Texas. But Jackson Jeffcoat has the blood lines of a professional as well as the opportunity to roll up on some suckers right quick. All he has to do is beat out Chike's cousin Alex Okeafor. It can be done.
Texas A&M: There is nothing as appealing and straight up badass as a dude who racks up sacks. And the Aggies? They've got themselves a winner in Von Miller. He racked up 17 sacks with a defensive line where he was in fact the only thing you had to watch out for. I'm not invoking Freeney here, but that's a job skill that can make you millions.
Texas Tech: Mike Leach probably recruited him for the ironic value of having a Red Baron, but Baron Batch is suddenly the most important man in Lubbock. Tuberville has a bit of the riverboat gambler in him, so he won't totally get away from what Leach has done, but the Red Baron is going to be eluding defenders as if they were a Sopwith Camel.

Big East
: They may not have the cachet of Pike to Gilyard, but when you consider the fact that Robo-QB always needed to return to the shop for repairs. And in stepped Zach Collaros. And it was good. He gets to have two potential greats to throw to in Armon Binns and hotshot transfer Vidal Hazelton. He also has Isaiah Pead running the ball. I see no possible joke by that name.
Connecticut: It's Tod-Man. Trucking bros up and down the East Coast with his running back skills. Once a member of a tag team with Andre Dixon, Jordan Todman has the entirety of the run of the carries. And if you consider that this is the school of Donald Brown? If I had to make a wager on somebody getting 2000 yards, the smart money would be on Tod-Man.
Louisville: One might think that after the transfer of Matt Simms, a quarterback of majestic blood lines would not reside in Louisville. They would be wrong. For you see, Adam Froman returns. And he returns with the promise of cased meats from Chicago and competent game management. And he will deliver on one of them.
Pittsburgh: The Midnight Express return to rush the passer. Jonathan Baldwin returns to catch a goodly sum for passes. But for my money? Dion Lewis may have had a lot of carries, but he's not hunting any sort of college football curse of 370. He's not going to tear his ACL for an encore. He makes the Panthers fun.
Rutgers: The relationship between DC Jefferson and his key supporting character in Revenge of the Nerds Father has become strained during the recruiting process and preseason practices. A year later? DC is hopeful. And he is ready to contribute to the Tom Savage Passing Attack. And he'll do some things.
South Florida: Lost in the tragic injuries of Matt Groethe's injury was the emergence of B.J. Daniels as a strong dual-threat candidate. If the ball is in his hands, the defense has got a problem. Especially when you consider that the offensive line has everybody coming back. There's a definite chance of 2000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing for Daniels.
Syracuse: I'm going to keep this simple. They have a strong defensive presence in terms of Doug Hogue. He's the returning leader in sacks, tackles for loss, and pass break ups. And if Delone Carter has can manage to keep cool? They'll get a running presence back in the fall. (Though like Mike Williams, I wouldn't hold my breath.)
West Virginia: Noel Devine is the obvious speed burner of the couch burner's eye. But for me? Jock Sanders is running a close second. Decent skills of a running back. Soft hands like a receiver. Speed of a gazelle. The name of an athlete. His exploits are bound to make Morgantown feel joyous.

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Big Ten
Illinois: One word. Twenty-seven syllables. Scheelhaase. The expectations of quarterback play in Champaign have been lowered somewhat considerably with Juice Williams play post Cinderella run. And with Nathan Scheelhasse growing up with a practitioner of the Petrino supersytem? They may not get all the way back, but they may not be in the crater of 2009 again.
Indiana: Darius Willis is a talented running back with a nice combination of speed and power. With a competent offense returning, even after the graduation of Rodger Saffold, his health is the key to bringing Indiana a chance to roll into a bowl game. The non-conference schedule (Towson, at Western Kentucky, Akron, Arkansas State) is the other one.
Iowa: I'm not going to roll up on you with Adrian Clayborn. You don't need me to tell you that he's awesome. Ricky Stanzi? You may not think he's awesome from a cursory look at the stats. But look at the man's gunslinger Q-rating. It's astronomical. He plays for America. He plays for the streets. He speaks to the hope Obama once espoused.
Michigan: Not since the days of Tim Biakabutka have the Wolverines had such a slasher cum home run hitter with a fabulous name. Meet Fitzgerald Toussaint. Out for 2009 with a broken collarbone, there is an opening for a runner with real home run power in Rich Rod's offense. And Youngstown's finest just might roll out on a sprint through green grass and opportunity.
Michigan State: Greg Jones. He's a linebacker with boldness and power to his game. With another stank of controversy wafting through the East Lansing football program? He is a steadying force. And we will see him on Sunday next year.
Minnesota: It's not often where you can lose an Eric Decker and still have a competent receiving corps. But with the athleticism of Troy Stoudermire? There is some promise that if they actually get a quarterback to complete 60% of their passes to Goldy, they will be able to put some points on the board.
Northwestern: I probably shouldn't be typing this as I am skipping having some semblance of a lunch, but I can't kelp but think Arby's when it comes to love and Northwestern. Arby Fields has a certain Tyrell Sutton to his game. Roast beef between the tackles, curly fries on the outside, and hands as soft and cool as a Jamocha shake. I'll stop now.
Ohio State: Tresselball looks to be as much of a comforting force as a sweatervest on a cool September evening. Terrelle Pryor cannot be keyed on this season. Team Boom-Saine is back and ready to roll. And with the awesome Dane Sanzenbacher ready to catch more passes? You can see this team ready to lose (or win?) another BCS game.
Penn State: We all know that Evan Royster is awesome, and we all know that with a stronger offensive line and an inexperienced quarterback, we're not going to see this team roll out in a high defenition wild style. Now that being said, I like Silas Redd better than Evan Royster. It's for obvious reasons.
Purdue: I know it seems as if I'm going to mock someone for not being able to handle Jacory Harris and The U, but Robert Marve has found a tremendous opportunity. Even a down year at Purdue allows a quarterback chances of success in terms of statistics. And spending a winter in West Lafayette after spending a winter in Miami? If Robert Marve does not have a chip on his shoulder he is lazier than I am.
Wisconsin: As a homer? I have to admit the hype of this years team kind of scares me. Not to say that there isn't a lot to like here. The Badgers look to have a very strong offense with John Clay having a monster season and with Scott Tolzien looking like the best returning passer. But J.J. Watt needs someone else to emerge as sort of awesome as well. It's the wrong conference to have an inexperienced D-line.

Conference USA
East Carolina
: Dwayne Harris has a chance to develop a special relationship with whoever emerges as the quarterback. He returned three kicks for scores last year and caught 83 passes from Patick Pickney. This year he gets some semblance of the air raid offense with Lincoln Riley calling the plays. Considering the situation the team's in? He could threaten 130 catches.
Houston: Underrated in the Case Keenum throw the ball all over the field train? The Cougars have two tremendous runners. After Bryce Beall got hurt during the season? Charles Sims came out and won Conference USA's Freshman of the year award with a decent season running the ball and remarkably soft hands. (70 catches). Sims has a touch of Reggie Bush in him. And they're gonna be really dangerous because of it.
Marshall: The defense has a real thumper in Mario Harvey. 100-plus tackles and 7 sacks to his credit in 2009 and with Kellen Harris and Vinny Curry along the front seven? This front seven has a chance to be best in breed. The offense on the other hand. They got this interesting recruit to throw the ball around? If only I could remember his name? (Willy Korn).
Memphis: If you want a quarterback with a good omen in his name? Cannon Smith has to be the antithesis of Kale Pick. This Miami Transfer is the best case to improve the Tigers 2-10 record last year. But if he doesn't... you know who his dad is, right? He's the CEO of Federal Express and the T. Boone Pickens of this shit. So it's win win, kid. Win. Win.
Rice: For a team that went into November threatening to join Western Kentucky and Eastern Michigan as a reverse unbeaten, the Owls are downright spry. Last years team was unlucky and young. This years team returns 20 starters and adds Sam McGuffie to a strong backfield. All right, I'll say it. The Owls will make a bowl game.
SMU: I know that pass efficiency is not the most accurate of stats. But if you consider the fact that 200 pass attempts is the qualifying number for efficiency rating? Case Keenum was not the best quarterback in Conference USA. It was the Mustangs Kyle Padron. He may have lost Emmanuel Sanders and Shawnbrey McNeal, but he's got three years of eligibility left. He's gonna be on draftboards come 2011.
Southern Miss: One of the few teams I have gone to the repeat well upon on multiple occasions was your Golden Eagles. DeAndre Brown is big, rangy, and has the De prefix on the name that just adds a certain piquant flavor to the on-field skills. But they've found a defensive counterpart to it as well! Cordarro Law. He's big. Pass-rushy. And he has a name of a lost Babylonian Code of Conduct. So yay.
Tulane: The portmanteau that makes twelve year old me chuckle the most resides here. Casey Robottom is the leading returning pass catcher for the Green Wave. Previous generations of families were employed as robot butts to the Steam Punk builders in the last generation. It was hard dangerous work. They're proud of Casey for getting into such a good school.
Tulsa: An unlucky team with an unorthodox full Malzahn styled offense has a chance to be something very interesting. Left Tackle Tyler Holmes should be healthy. And if he's healthy? G.J. Kinne has a chance to do a real nice Mitch Mustain impression. And Charles Clay? Charles Clay is a real nice thumper.
UAB: The most surprising fact about the Blazers is that quality safety Hiram Atwater is in no way related to badass Denver Bronco Steve Atwater. Hiram hits hard. He covers the field with a quality amount of athleticism. And he makes a lot of plays. Hiram Atwater Senior may have never played the game. But the Sales Rep has brought a strong player into Birmingham.
UCF: I may not be an active trendhunter, but in doing my research, I've found something. We are becoming a college football world where the running backs have names of ladies. Christine Michael was the first. But we've found two more. One resides in Central Florida. The name? Brynn Harvey. He's coming off of a thousand yard season.
UTEP: The cultural irrelevancy of conference USA can be locked down to a late night game in El Paso last September. Donald Buckram went off for 262 yards versus the Houston Cougars and helped UTEP get 58 on the then #12 Cougars. Blame him for the lack of interest in Houston going to the Big 12. Blame him for no run for the BCS for the conference. And blame him for keeping Mike Price from being fired.

Independents (FBS)
Army: They went into the last game of 2009 needing a win to qualify for a bowl game. And all credit goes to Trent Steelman. His talent does not matter. The name implies that he is the sort of gunslinger who is just having fun out there. And he deserves to be treated as such.
Navy: If you could have someone considered to be a service academy NFL Draft prospect? You need to get hyped for Jabaree Tuani. To be a 3-4 defensive end that's about 4 inches and 30 pounds below your standard issue prospect and find yourself being a real disruptive force is impressive. To do it as a Sophomore is amazing.
Notre Dame: Have you ever been to Braxston Cave? If not you should go. It houses a lot of bats. Blitzing stalactites and stalagmites. But if you go? Be careful. You may roll up and find yourself getting iced.

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Akron: They always say that great writers steal, and from Matt Sussman I will bestow my entry for the Zips. Their quarterback is named Pat Nicely, which is the standard for the Minnesota State Patrol. (An aside: I do enjoy players whose name could be considered a sentence. So yeah. Whoo.)
Ball State: Ball State returns every starter on offense from last years team that went the top of the mountain to 2-10. Stan Parrish believes in Kelly Page as much as you could believe in any quarterback with a girls name. And with a veteran offensive line and the return of MiQuale Lewis? They will at the very least put multiple points upon the scoreboard.
Bowling Green: The pic-a-nic baskets around Bowling Green, Ohio will be in danger as we come through this summer. The reason? "Booboo" Gates. He's a freshman with the wheels that have allowed him to terrorize Jellystone Park for the better part of six decades now. Just so long as his mentor "Worldwide" Yogi Bear doesn't prove to be a negative influence.
Buffalo: The Bulls have a shark hunting the deep third of the field. He led the team in tackles last year. He may not have the De prefix to his name, but you know what? I think Davonte Shannon is just fine enough to do good work without needing a vowel switch. He's great at the killshot.
Central Michigan: Killer B's rule the Chip nation after the graduation of Dan LeFevour and Antonio Brown. The linebacker tag team of Nick Bellore and Matt Berning is a dual threat of 100 tackles and can help to withstand the graduations along the defensive line. Add to that a shout-out to famed over-actor Armand Assante in the misspelled Armond Staten? And you have some quality linebacking.
Eastern Michigan: I know when you have two quarterbacks it seems as if you're stuck with zero. But when that's the total amount of wins you had last season, the potential future of the quarterback position is where hope begins. And as I pat myself on the back for that segue? I will tell you that Alex Gillett played well in an untenable situation and Devontae Payne has the build and athleticism that could lead to an interesting impression of Terrelle Pryor somehwere down the line.
Kent State: Cobra-la-la-la-la-la is the battle cry for the Golden Flashes. It's in response to the excellent linebacking of Middle Linebacker and RichRod runoff Cobrani Mixon. He's got good physical gifts that he brings to the table, and as this team stands to be pretty good, Cobrani may have power in his future.
Miami (OH): In 2008, it was Buffalo. In 2009, it was Temple. In 2010, the Redhawks are the breakout candidate. They had severe bad luck with injuries and turnovers last year. This year? They have potential professional Zac Dysert being protected by an offensive line that returns every starter. Nine defensive starters return. They won all of a game last year. This year? They could be playing for the conference championship.
Northern Illinois: Following a thread from Central Florida, we've got a hotshot JUCO who's threatening thousand yard rusher Craig Spann. And I will tell you this. Doing a Garrett Wolfe impression makes Jasmin Hopkins feel like a princess. A pretty, pretty princess.
Ohio: It's going to be another mixed pop culture metaphor, but the Ohio receiving corps, even with the loss of Taylor Price, is going to make fans of the Bobcats fart with an aww yeah. Okay, let's see if I can't dig myself out. Price may have been a good home run threat, but Terrance McGee was just as good. Steven Goulet has that essential Goulet. And LaVon Brazill? His return skills make you go aww yeah. Aww yeah.
Temple: If you're a MAC watcher? You have to be wondering what last years breakout team is going to do for an encore. I'm not going to take liberty of making a projection, but I will say this. Bernard Pierce stays healthy? Chester Stewart will be allowed to molest a defense. And the odds of them getting to ten wins are pretty, pretty good.
Toledo: The Rockets have a shot to get all literary with the return of a Freshman sensation named Eric Page. He led all Freshman in terms of catches and receiving yards. He also does some return work with a decent amount of skills. Austin Dantin has a good target to get the ball to.
Western Michigan: Aaron Winchester is the sort of guy who looks like he could have been better served by being an East Coast Heir going west to find his fortune in Red Dead Redemption. But as such? He's got the speed and small frame power of a bullet. And he steps into the light as a potential heir to the Bronco's offense.

Mountain West
Air Force
: The reason why Troy Calhoun stayed in Colorado Springs? He's got a quality running back stable. For somebody who runs out of the flexbone? You've got a lot of talent. Asher Clark and Jared Tew are both quality runners. Tew is the thumper. Clark is the converted ex-quarterback. Tew is by the book. Clark is the loose cannon who plays by his own rules. As much as the service academy would allow.
BYU: Like so many second banana's, it takes adversity for their opportunity to shine. After Harvey Unga left school, there's an opportunity for carries. The best choice? JJ De Luigi. And if you need me to explain why he is the perfect second banana running back name, I will tell you to kindly go fuck yourself. Kindly.
Colorado State: I was going to talk about Mychal Sisson's quality defense in terms of launching himself into ballcarriers. But I paged through The Sporting News College Football Preview. It named Pete Kontodiakos the biggest underachiever in the Mountain West. He's the Rams Punter. Can you see why this is hilarious to me?
New Mexico: Now, I've made plenty of mention on how the "Boy named Sue" has made inroads at running back. But did you know that the Lobos have it at linebacker? It's true! Carmen Messina led college football with 162 tackles as the team was kind of bad. He returns. And the defensive line may allow him more free reign.
San Diego State: The Aztecs get a hope spot. As last year, Ryan Lindley was getting hit and hit hard by defenses last year. And he managed a 55% completion rate and a positive TD-INT ratio. This year? 4 starters on the offensive line and a solid junior college recruit should protect Lindley better. As such, the Atzecs should get better for it.
TCU: Just like you want a quarterback named Cannon, you would want a linebacker named Tank. And in Tank Carder, the Horned Frogs have themselves someone downright beastly in the middle of the field. He's the returning leader in tackles, tackles for loss, and in an ironic twist of fate? Pass breakups.
UNLV: I'm always convinced that someone who ends their names with two consecutive consonants, unless it's something acceptable like Bill or Glenn, will go through life with a chip on their shoulder. Starr Fuimaono is the sort of man built to play middle linebacker. And if he stays healthy? His tackles number could get doubled very easily.
Utah: Eddie Wide is the starting running back with an ironic name. Why? Because the an is simply and positively svelte in terms of running back size. Get it? He's fast and the back-up is wide! The fact you think this joke is unfunny is the reason why the Utes are joining the Pac-10. That and the money. More the money.
Wyoming: The spread offense is something where the quality of the quarterback dictates the quality of play. And for the Cowboys? Austyn Carta-Samuels led Wyoming to a bowl victory last year with little more than pluck and a dude named Alvester playing wingman. This year, Austyn has the opportunity to consolidate his skill set and grow his brand.

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Arizona: Considering the tomfoolery coming home to roost of the top two programs? There's an opening for the Wildcats getting in on the Rose Bowl. They have a spectacular pass rusher in Ricky Elmore, a shut down cornerback in Trevin Wade, and a talented arm in Nick Foles. If Nic Grigsby stays healthy? They've got a chance at something special.
Arizona State: Vontaze Burfict is a bad man. If you're looking for a man who will be voted most likely to knock a sucker the fuck out? Burfict is perfect. There doesn't seem to be much else here? But Burfict will get Arizona State on SportsCenter at least one Saturday Night.
California: The chain of crazy numbers put up by the Golden Bears running game since Jeff Tedford's arrival has been underrated. From J.J. Arrington to Marshawn Lynch to Justin Forsett to Jahvid Best? The Bears have always had quality on the ground game. Shane Vereen? He's going to maintain the lineage.
Oregon: One could politely call the off-season of the Ducks adventurous. Mention Jeremiah Masoli to one Dan Rubenstein and chuckle at his involuntary flinch. But the fact remains (at least as of this writing) they still have LaMichael James. But you have Lache Seastrunk if James can't cool out. I may just root for Seastrunk on the principle of awesome names alone.
Oregon State: There's really nothing else beyond the sequel to the Rodgers brothers. These are tiny men who allow the Beavers to matriculate the ball down the field. And they are awesome. They just need a quarterback to manage the game and provide aid and comfort to the Rodgers. Ryan Katz may not be a doctor, but he just might be the proper therapist.
Stanford: You may not realize it when you consider that Stanford spent most of the Aught's in the wilderness and their one professional draftee turned out to be Trent Edwards, but Stanford's been a place where good quarterbacks have emerged. Andrew Luck has a chance to rebuild the lineage. With 4 returning starters on the offensive line and a deep and solid receiving corps, Toby Gerhart's graduation may not hurt the offense nearly as much as one would think.
UCLA: Kevin Prince has an opportunity to sneak into the radar screens of drafters, draftniks, and general fans of college football, Nick Foles style. He has four returning linemen and two pretty good receivers in Nelson Rosario and Taylor Embree. I know it's not going to inspire much love from this entree, but that's something I know Rick Neuheisel has to bet on.
USC: Suddenly, Lane Kiffin gets to do an impression of Terry Bowden at Auburn. Because this is still a tremendously talented team with a strong amount of youth energy. Dillon Baxter is someone you need to believe the hype in. But if they don't go anywhere, will they give a damn in a conference where suddenly anyone believes they can make a dream run? Lane Kiffin may be good at things, but motivation is not be one of them.
Washington: Jake Locker has probably cost himself something around 20 million dollars with his decision to return and attempt to be the minor circuit champion of the Pac-10. Though it would surprise me if he doesn't improve his numbers. Chris Polk emerged as a quality running back, and the receivers and line are deep and experienced as well. It's a difficult schedule, but they'll get a well-deserved bowl game out of it.
Washington State: Here's the thing? Washington State may not be completely terrible. They have 9 returning starters from an offense that broke badly last year. It should improve. But their defensive line has a real chance to be strong like bull. 4 returning starters and experienced depth behind them. And Paul Wulff loves the linebacking corps. It may not get them to a bowl game, but it may not be an easy W, here.

mario fannin Pictures, Images and Photos

: Marcell Dareus may not have been necessary to win the national championship, but he sure did help. If he didn't seperate the shoulder of a goofy looking motherfucker like Colt McCoy, they wouldn't have had to force a true freshman to climb out of such an insurmountable hole. Football is a violent game, and Dareus will break some fools again next year.
Arkansas: Arkansas returns ten starters on offense. Not just the chill bro cannon arm of Ryan Mallett. Not just two big power backs in Broderick Green and Ronnie Wingo. Not just all linemen besides the right guard. Not just a deep, talented, and tough receiving corps. (Joe Adams didn't let a STROKE end his season). Everybody.
Auburn: Cameron Newton once bumped hips with Tim Tebow in celebration of a beat down of some random non-conference strange. He has since found his way through the shadows and into the light of the plains. There's a real scenario where the Tigers are going to get to the Iron Bowl unbeaten. And it will come from the physical gifts of Cam Effin' Newton.
Florida: The strength this year? Speed. Pure badass American speed. Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps will start and be home run threats. And Andre Debose may be a better player and athlete. Add Mike Gillislee's athleticism and Steve Addazio may add a fly sweep to his QB Dive and Y Stick.
Georgia: It's not an automatic guarantee that a talented 4-3 defensive end is going to rock as a 3-4 OLB. But Georgia has a very interesting talent who's making the transition. Justin Houston is the SEC's returning leader in sacks. He comes correct in 2010 and a lot of defensive worries get solved.
Kentucky: I was lucky, I had never made mention of Randall Cobb's versatile weapon based awesomeness. And he's a force of nature and he will win at least two games by himself this year. It's a necessary thing, at least until Mister Cobble and Qua Hizzle are ready for battle.
LSU: The obvious rap song reference to LSU is Aesop Rock's "None Shall Pass." The secondary from LSU is deadly. Morris Claiborne's cat-like agility is strong enough to move Jai Eugene to safety. Brandon Taylor has been great at Strong Safety. And lest we forget Pat Peterson. Nobody's gonna throw on them.
Mississippi: Mississippi always has a strong defensive line. That's why the Admiral Akbar as mascot meme has failed. Jerrell Powe and Kentrell Lockett are jocks. Star Wars fans are their natural enemies. One drunken night in Oxford? They walked right in a trap and walked out unscathed.
Mississippi State: Not since A Christmas Story had family dogs upsetting Darren McGavin's shit have we seen a Bumphis finding a way to wreak havoc. Chad Bumphis has the skills to get open and the athleticism to take balls to the house. A quarterback gets the ball to him, and it's not a question of maybe. He will be awesome.
South Carolina: He may be the #2 receiver in terms of looks and perception, but you know what? Tori Gurley's name is infinitely better at being mocked than an Alshon Jeffrey. You know I wouldn't have the guts to do it to his face, but he's a big wideout with a lady name. It's all upside in Gamecock nation.
Tennessee: They may not be in a position to start fast, but this is a team that has some real interesting skill position talent. Gerald Jones is the leader of a veteran receiving corp that helped rehabilitate Jonathan Crompton from catfish to a draftable quarterback. He has another challenge to lead this year. Add in Tauren Poole stepping into the Volunteer running back factory? And this team could finish fast.
Vanderbilt: If you've come this far, you know that I am a fan of bloodlines. You also know that I am a shameless (if not pensive) homer. So when I heard that Vanderbilt, whose quarterbackery last year was...sketchy, shall we say, went the JC route to get a prospect named Jordan Rodgers. AND HE'S RELATED TO AARON RODGERS. Vanderbilt has somebody to love. Done.

Sun Belt
Arkansas State
: With the recruiting of Dwayne Frampton, the Red Wolves look to come alive offensively. You have a veteran offensive line and an interesting battle at quarterback between Ryan Aplin and Phillip Butterfield. Whoever wins has a team on the verge of being very interesting.

An aside? How dare Phillip Butterfield accept a number other than 8?
Butterfield 8 Pictures, Images and Photos
Florida Atlantic: If you're looking for a strong safety, you don't normally look toward a man listed at 5'9" and 161 pounds. But then again? Marcus Bartels is not most men. With a gashed defensive line? Bartels was the last line of defense. And he navigated with style and aplomb.
FIU: He may not be listed as the #1 on the depth chart at present, but you have to respect Toronto Smith. One, it allows Bill Simmons to make a reference to Teen Wolf, and you know that's never happened before. Two, he's the returning leader in sacks and tackles for loss. And three? His parents named him after a Canadian city. That's awesome.
LA Lafayette: It may sound crazy, but in the world where the move tight end that spreads the field is in vogue in the NFL? The Ragin' Cajuns may have a legitimate NFL Prospect. He's LaDarius Green, and it may just be from one play, but the dude caught a 91 yard TD pass. If he has a good year, do not be surprised to see him drafted in Round 3.
LA Monroe: An inexperienced line may tamper expectations, but the Warhawks have one of the best in the Sun Belt with Frank Goodin. He runs hard and he runs angry. He just needs a little Junior College magic to get back to previous levels.
Middle Tennessee: I try to avoid sequels. So I will only mention Dwight Dasher in passing. He operated at peak efficiency because he had lighting named DD Kyles at tailback. He gets the thunder of Phillip Tanner coming back as well. Favorites of the Sun Belt? Absolutely.
North Texas: Names with lyricism are awesome. Names that you could break out a bad NBA Public Address announcer? Just beautiful. The Mean Green's best pass rusher fits both of these qualifications. David Akpunku. Try it. Ak-Puuuuuuuuuuuuunk-u! Awesome.
Troy: Now, the urge to make a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang joke in celebration of hotshot recruit B.J. Chitty is strong. But I will fight it. And I will fight making a Sidney Moncrief reference in relation to Brett Moncrief. Why? The double Double J's. Josh Jarboe is the man good enough to get a scholarship to Oklahoma. Jerrel Jernigan is the reliable target with angry skills in terms of kick returns.
Western Kentucky: It may not be an easy road for the Red Drank to crawl out of last seasons wreckage. But the cupboard is not completely bare. If you consider how consistently the defensive line was gashed last year? Thomas Majors managed 101 tackles. He now has a tag team's worth of beef protecting him. It's a long road back, but they'll take the next step.

Western Athletic
Boise State
: Point of fact? The lovely and talented writer of whose that you see in front of you hates memes. They're hacky and no good joke usually comes out of them. This means I kind of have to root against Boise State early on. Talk of Boise as BCS Champion sounds as painful to me as the spiciest piece of Flying Pie pizza. (But if they get there? I won't be rooting for an upset.)
Fresno State: Robbie Rouse may not be a trendsetter because his is the name of a dude. But he is adorably Quinton Griffin sized. And with the graduation of Ryan Matthews and Lonyae Miller? He has the entire field to himself for run game purposes. And the line that got Matthews to the 1st Round in the NFL draft? Returns everybody.
Hawaii: The Rainbow Warriors have three quality pieces at wideout. And none of them are adorably gritty like Davone Bess either. Darius Bright is the hotshot recruit with very intriguing triangle numbers. (6'5" 225 4.47) Mark Salas is the 6'2" guy who came up from being a walk-on to grabbing 106 balls last year. And Kealoha Pilares is a pass catcher who can turn into a running back when he gets the ball in space. Never mind week one. This team can be good.
Idaho: The one bit of good news that came out of last season was that a nation of college football fans discovered that Idaho head coach Robb Akey was actually pretty awesome. Sweet shades, a cool mustache, and the voice of a jazzman. This team may be underestimated again, but the fact that they recruited Pat Forde's superhero alter-ego Maxx Forde proves that they are not to be forgotten. (A beefy O-line in a mid-major also helps too.)
Louisiana Tech: Ross Jenkins is what someone would consider to be the luckiest boy in America. He was an efficient and generally solid thrower under the Derek Dooley regime. He gets to be the wheelman for the air raid offense. Or it could be Auburn transfer and spring practice ace Steven Emsinger. Either way? They have a potentially special receiver in Phillip Livas.
Nevada: In the insane offensive numbers that the Wolfpack can pull up on the ground? They had a three headed monster of thousand yard rushers. With the graduation of Luke Lippincott? Vai Taua suddenly has a chance to take a chokehold on the time share. 1,500 yards rushing may only be his floor. Also? Vai is a girls name. So you have to love that.
New Mexico State: Not for nothing, but there is something to build on here. Seth Smith is a nondescript name for a thousand yard rusher. And when you consider how successful the passing game was (6 TD/17 INT), Smith had a tremendous season. And the Aggies can roll out a quality pass rush as well with Pierre Fils and Donte Savage. They're kind of like Hawaii. They won't be dominant, but they should be quite improved.
San Jose State: In history, Pompey was named an emperor in the Roman triumvirate because he was an easy mark. Now while I am clearly mixing my metaphors by invoking Rome with Spartan matters, Pompey Festejo is not a man to be trifled with. He is a bad, bad man.
Utah State: Robert Turbin was a sophomore who one could deem unjinxed. At least until the kid tore his ACL in February. So, the Aggies turn their lonely eyes once again to Diandre Borel. He had a nice year last year. If the line makes something out of the fact that they're experienced? He will be great again.

So there you go. 120 teams. All up in here. College football is coming. And it's gonna be fun.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Milwaukee Bucks select (Tiny Gallon PF-Oklahoma)

There are two scenarios about how this pick is going to go down. He's either going to have a chip on his shoulder about falling to pick 47 and he's gonna come into the league ready to kill some suckers. He's big and powerful with a deft touch in the paint. They say he can grow up to be a rich man's Big Baby.

Or? He's gonna go into camp at about 330. He's gonna get beaten defensively by Larry Sanders. And he's going to be released by 2012.

Like I said earlier. This is what the Bucks could afford to do this year. Take a flier on a high-upside guy. No problem with it.

The Milwaukee Bucks select (Jerome Jordan C-Tulsa)

I'll tell you what? If he plays as well defensively as he did as a sophomore? He'll become overpaid on his second contract. His offensive game is serviceable. He developed a decent range from 12-15 feet. That being said?

He's a 24 year old and he's kind of soft. Also, they passed on Paulo Prestes. You could have grabbed Alabi at 47 if you were so insistent on getting a center for right now.

As a pro? I think he'll be serviceable. I'm not sure that he'll be anything more than that. .

The Milwaukee Bucks select (Darrington Hobson-SF New Mexico)

Not thrilled, but not terribly upset. Hobson's not an athlete. But he's a versatile sort. He'll give you a little bit in a lot of areas. His energy will generate a decent amount of rebound, as well as a combined 2 or 3 steals and blocks. His stride allows him to beat defenders off the dribble. And if he works on his shot? He'll be deadly. Because he's a fine point forward.

He's a good off-the-bench addition. I feel like he would have been there at 44 or 47 though.

Like I said. I could be very wrong or very right about him..

The Milwaukee Bucks select (Larry Sanders PF-VCU)

The kid has upside. Right off the bat? He's a shotblocker and rebounder. Give him time to work and build strength? There's a real chance this kid could match the rebounding numbers of DeMarcus Cousins. Sounds hyperbolic, but the rebounding stats don't lie. And he knows what he's doing here.

All in all? It's a great pick, and team him with Ilyasova and you have a quality 4.

Gut grade? B+

So what do I want from the Bucks?

In a nutshell? Best player available. Expanding on that, the Bucks are not without needs and desires. But here's the tree things I want the Bucks to do.

1) Get a good power forward.

The dream scenario is that Patrick Patterson falls to 15. Will it happen? Maybe. But it's not likely. The possibilities that will likely be there preclude Patterson or Cole Aldrich. But the Bucks would be better served with a great four than an potentially good five. There are serviceable 2nd round fives this year.

If Larry Sanders is available? I would be thrilled. Dude gets stronger and he's going to be a disruptive force. I can;t talk myself into Orton or Whiteside. Upside guys who fall to this spot rarely pan out.

But with guys like Craig Brackins and Jarvis Vanardo in round two? I can get behind an other option. Just so long as it's not a small forward who has the perceived value of 10-20. They all suck if they're not named Daimon James.

So suffice it to say? Patterson is the dream scenario. A more realistic scenario would be Larry Sanders or Xavier Henry. No one would say James Anderson, but I could get behind that as a pick.

2) Get a foreign dude.

I was misinformed. The #2 that's going to Jersey for CDR doesn't come due until 2012. So basically, the Bucks may have a roster space issue. Assume that Salmons, Ivey, Stackhouse, Darrell Jackson and Brezec's gone? The Bucks are at 10.

Most teams like to remain at a roster size of 13. And anyway? This draft has two tremendously interesting foreigners in the Russian Alexy Shved and the Brazillian Big Man Paulo Prestes. Though a German Big Man like Tibor Pleiss? Send him to Milwaukee and he'd feel right at home.

3) The Luc Richard.

If ever there was an opportunity to take a flier on a diamond in the rough or a straight up specialist? It's this year. If John Hammond likes Tyren Johnson as much as I do? This is the year to go after it. Now the VP of common sense may disagree with this premise. But? I would not get so upset if a flier gets taken.

Draft starts in 32 minutes: Join me on twitter to follow my live tweet.

Power Forward and a Center Dumpster Diving.

The fact of the matter is that this draft is something interesting. You have a lot of interesting talent that would likely fall in the undrafted tier. The Jamario Moon All-Stars? Very interesting this year. And the microcosm of a drafts depth?

When a center in the second round is somebody with the upside of a good starter.

Paulo Prestes (6'10 270 Brazil)
He's a beast in terms of power. He's not the most athletic guy in terms of speed and the up and down? But he is an agile dude. And unlike your Anderson Varejao? He will go down and take the pain. Also? Not offensively useless beyond flopping. Solid prospect when he'll come to America..

Power Forwards? In a twitter-sixed Fashion? Sure.
8. Magnum Rolle (6'11" 200 Louisiana Tech) If he gained 20 pounds of muscle? He would have a future as a Dollar Tree Marcus Camby.
7. Luke Harangody (6'8" 250 Notre Dame) I do expect his scoring total to drop considerably. But his rebounding totals will coalesce to allow him to make an NBA rotation.
6. Charles Garcia (6'10" 230 Seattle) The archetypal superb athlete with a poor basketball IQ. So yeah. Call it a master of one scenario.
5. Latavious Williams (6'8" 190 Tulsa 66ers) For a skinny guy whose main strength is athleticism? He's got a tremendous defensive upside.
4. Trevor Booker (6'7" 230 Clemson) This years most likely to be Chuck Hayes with mad rebounding skills.
3. Craig Brackins (6'10" 230 Iowa State) Enigmatic. He's got the skills to be a great shooter and rebounder. But hes got his inside shooting percentage is weak. But the fact is? The team sucked. And he was good. Imagine if he lands on a good team?
2. Jarvis Vanardo (6'9" 210 Mississippi State) Blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks. And also rebounds.
1. Gani Lawal (6'8" 233 Georgia Tech) An energetic defender with good athleticism. His floor is that he's going to be a great 7th man in a rotation.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Small Forward Dumpster Diving.

Going for twitter sized bits and bites. There's a lot that interests me here and I cannot fight to post more than that. So, let's roll.

10. Tyren Johnson (6'8" 205 UL-Lafayette) A small school Josh Smith with surprising range. Won't be drafted. But watch him.
9. Tyler Smith (6'7" 210 Tennessee) A defender who would be ranked much higher if he could've kept his head right.
8. Vladimir Dasic (6'9" 225 Serbia) If he gets religion about playing inside? The sky's the limit. Big and physically gifted. Great defense.
7. Nemanja Bjelica (6'10" 210 Serbia) A 6'10" lead guard who needs to control the ball to be good.
6. Marquis Blakely (6'5" 220 Vermont) Yeah, he's undersized. But he's disruptive and smart. He's this years Diamon Simpson.
5. Darrington Hobson (6'7" 220 New Mexico) A lefty point forward who needs work on his J and lacks some athleticism. Will likely kill in Italy.
4. Lazar Heyward (6'6" 225 Marquette) Will be a great 7th man. Strong enough to defend a good four with good intangibles and an underrated shot and athleticism.)
3. Devin Ebanks (6'8" 205 West Virginia) Is it a question of pace or assertiveness? His offensive game is tremendous inside the arc and he vacuums up a goodly sum of boards. But 9 shots a game? Too few.
2. Quincy Pondexter (6'6" 220 Washington) Great athlete. Good slasher. An improving defender with an underrated shot from 3. I think I've talked myself into him.
1. Stanley Robinson (6'8 213 UConn) A physical freak who knows his offensive limitations. Good defender. Is he polished? Nope.

The Second Round 2 Guard

There are quite a few interesting talents here. They all fall into certain archetypes. I'll do a brief explanation as to each, and why they're going to be most likely a second round player. A fringe first rounder at best.

The Steve Kerr (Undersized, Unathletic Bomber.)
Here you have a guy whose strength comes from being the guy you want to be there on the kickout. These guys may have intangibles to bring to the table as well. But have them on the floor longer than 10-15 minutes in the pro game, and they're overextended. They're different than the average combo guard because they lack the necessary athleticism.

This years prospects?
Pietro Aradori-Italy
Andy Rautins-Syracuse
Jon Scheyer-Duke

The Poor Man's __________
They have a destiny that they absolutely could grow up to meet. Everything breaks right, and these guys are a steal. But the reason they're here? Somebody doesn't think they can. Odds are? Those certain somebodies are right. But we can dream, can't we?

This year's prospects?
Aubrey Coleman-Houston (A small Corey Maggette)
Elijah Millsap-UAB (A Corey Maggette-sized Maggette)
Manny Harris-Michigan (Jamal Crawford)
Sylven Landesberg-Virginia (Evan Turner)

The Master of One.
These are kids with several drawbacks. But the fact is, they have one strength that they bring to the table that makes them worth an opportunity, Most often? It involves the ability to create good scoring opportunities for themselves. Though sometimes? People are such good athletes that you can't not take a shot at them. And this may cause them to even climb into round one.

This year's prospects?
Jordan Crawford-Xavier
Lance Stephenson-Cincinnati
Terrico White-Ole Miss
Willie Warren Oklahoma

An interesting day of movement for the Bucks.

The first part of the day is something along the lines of a free roll. Charlie Bell can be a useful role player. He's high effort and a decent ballhandler. But that's it. He's a good 4th guard. And you have him coming with an albatross of suck in Dan Gadzuric. That's all the Bucks have given up.

Two end of the bench guys? What they got in return. The worst case scenario is that they're interesting. Corey Maggette is a ball stopper with inconsistent defensive effort. He's also a slasher who can attack the basket and generate many opportunities of the free throw variety. The upside? He's the sort of guy who can help a defensive minded team that's sorely missing offense.

The Bucks fit that bill.

And Maggette will be an upgrade over Salmons. He may not be worth the contract. But he will come close. And sometimes for a player? It's all about fit.

And the Bucks flipped the second round pick they got from Golden State. They turned that into Chris Douglas-Roberts. His zany twitter stream aside? I get the sense Skiles would like him. The Comedy Death-Ray's big strength is defense. You know how they say flaky people don't have defensive discipline? Nuts to that. CDR can defend.

Offensively? His game is somewhat similar to Maggette. Attack the basket and draw fouls. You can't hit the three and it kills your offensive efficency as a wing man. But CDR can make a smooth pass. He may only be a rotational guy? But he will bring upside and energy off the bench.

And he'll get more playing time than you think as well. Skiles loves a good defender. And Douglas-Roberts? He's gonna make a fearsome deer. .

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Point Guard Dumpster Diving.

Now we can be honest. This year's draft is as deep as point guards as last years draft is to most other positions. Two will be drafted in round one, and none from a state that lacks the presence of Raylen Givens. That's not to say that you can't get interesting value in round two. Because you can.

Let's break down guys from May Be Drafted to Likely Drafted.

8) Stefan Markovic 6'5" 210 Yugoslavia

The sort of a guard whose strength is in the little things he does. His shot is inconsistent. Especially from beyond the arc. But he's a dynamic playmaker and he has moments of spectacular defense. Though there are European Guards that have taken him down before. But he's a veteran of the Euro wars and a coach could easily fall in love with him.

But that shot has to improve.

7) Jerome Randle 5'10" 160 California

There's a lot to like about Randle. He's a fast fearless penetrator who managed to hit the unwritten rule for sharpshooting in two consecutive seasons. (90-50-40). He's also a consistent distributor and a killer of zone defenses. The problem? You can see it for yourself. Good short point guards won't get picked. If he was 6'2" he would be a first rounder.

As it is? He's likely to get ignored.

6) Ben Uzoh 6'3" 200 Tulsa

If you're looking for a comprable player, it's Bo McCalebb. A super-sized McCalebb, but bear with me. Both have great speed. Both know how to get to the rack. Both are more twos than point guards when they were draft eligible. But McCalebb became a very intriguing prospect in three Euro Seasons.

Uzoh will likely be ignored here. But in 2013? He'll be an NBA player.

5) Mikhail Torrance 6'5" 210 Alabama

He's big. He can distribute at a very professional level. And he's very strong defensively. However? He's not a great shooter. That can be improved. His incessant habit of needing to switch up to his left hand to finish at the basket? That's weird. And scouts don't like weird.

But he does have ridiculous upside potential. Expect him to be in many D-League blogs.

4) Alexey Shved 6'6" 175 Russia

If this was 2006? He'd be a 1st round pick. compares him to Penny Hardaway. And I can see it. He's a tall distributor with great athleticism and an ability to create for others. He's also with good defensive instincts and a decent shot. But he's raw.

He'll get picked in the second round. And be interesting to dream about. Looking at you David Kahn.

3) Sherron Collins 5'11" 205 Kansas

If you're this bad of a shot, you shouldn't be a lead guard. I mean, there's things to like. He has good speed, and some real handles. He can beat his man off the dribble. But like Travon Hughes, he doesn't do so much with the kick out. And he may not make the transition to the pros because of it.

But that being said? He learns to share and he'll be more than a rotational player.

2) Greivis Vazquez 6'5" 195 Maryland

He's a self-made sort of player. He improved his passing, his perimeter shot, his ability to disrupt passing lanes and those things known as "intangibles" during his run at Maryland. And there were several instances where he singlehandedly took down a big scalp. Which is good and bad. See, his build is thin, and the guy taking over 20 shots a game and making 8 of them? That's Zap Branigan leadership.

But then again? He could have a career as a Vinnie Johnson off the bench. He seems to have learned "the secret." 

1) Armon Johnson 6'3" 195 Nevada

He's got an interesting lefty skill set. He's got good athleticism and a second gear to find an open shot. His lefty pull-up from the mid-range is deadly. His shot creating skill is improving, it's not all the way there yet. But even with over three turnovers a game, he still managed 1.65 Asstists for evey turnover.

He's not Ramon Sessions, but he's got a skill set that has him going in early round 2. He unlearns being the lead guard? He's very interesting.