Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So yeah. Luke Ridnour's been signed.

If you were a Bucks fan you've been steeling yourself for the departure of Luke Ridnour from the Bucks. Today doesn't come as so much of a surprise. Ridnour's been signed. But that's not the story.

The team that signed him is.

Now, if you're reading this, you inadvertently clicked away from a photo of Kim Kardashian's ass, so I'll do this with some build. We're living in a world where you have a team that is managed by someone who makes Isiah Thomas look competent.

Check out the bullet points.
  • Drafted 4 point guards and made sure that his best point guard would stay in Spain last year (dealing the second best one to Denver as well.).
  • Added a quality point guard to further muddle the situation.
  • Signed an irrelevant joke best known for launching a classic NBA blog to a contract worth 5 million dollars a year.
  • Drafting two, and trading for two small forwards this year. (Trading a valuable salary chip for Martell Webster in the process.)
  • Adding one of the best headcases of the modern era (who also plays small forward).
  • Trading one of the best young low post scorers in the league in year two after an ACL injury to Utah for Kosta Koufos (who may...may grow up to be serviceable), two protected picks, and a trade exception. And yes, this was after they signed the man who launched the classic NBA blog.
And to the Timberwolves? There goes Luke Ridnour. For another 4 years and 16 million dollars. At a position where it would be easier to bring back Nick Calathes. Where Ramon Sessions is already an overqualified backup point guard. .

If I'm Glen Taylor? I put David Kahn under the MRI machine. Check for a tumor. Because clearly David Kahn is a troubled man.

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