Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have one word of advice for Doug Melvin!

Nine games out of first in the NL Central. 10 games out of the wild card slot. Seven teams to leapfrog to get that selfsame Wild Card. And the Milwaukee Brewers have decided that they're all in. Okay, maybe not all in.

But they're not looking to make a deal for a player they're not going to be able to keep or the guy having the career year. And it does not allow for them to get right. Because the fact of the matter? The Brewers are a fundamentally flawed team. It's a lot of power and hoping Yovani Gallardo and rain outs the other four days of the week.

Can you tell me that any other starter has been pitching well for the Brewers? Bush's ERA is about average, but the way his command has been going, that cannot possibly last. Randy Wolf's earned every ounce of terrible that he's been this year. Narveson's been slightly unlucky but not so much where his terrible is defensible. Parra's been okay and Capuano's got too small of a sample size to tell you the whys and wherefores of his year.

You know what? I can see the other side as well. The Brewers don't have to lose Hart and Fielder this year. There are interesting pitchers in free agency that could be affordable. But? Do you really want a Bedard-Pavano-Wellenmeyer free agent class as the answer to the rotation question?

I don't.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Where I talk Jeremiah Masoli as well as the NCAA Banhammer

Two SEC football posts here.


NCAA Banhammer:

Five thoughts on your Milwaukee Bucks

1) Keyon Dooling is a nice signing. He brings a good amount of skill in running the offense and the ability to play the two. And his last two years have shown that he's able to hit from beyond the arc. I like it. I like it very much.

2) For a guy they were probably going to cut anyway? Jon Brockman is interesting. He has one marketable skill in Rebounding. That being said?

3) Larry Sanders, Tiny Gallon, and Luc Mbah a Moute all play the 4 with some real skill. Not to mention Ersan Ilyasova and Drew Gooden. Logjam? Hell yeah.

4) Jerome Jordan? I know the Bucks sure could use some of that right now.

5) But tonight? We do the we didn't sign Travis Diener dance.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Attractive Woman Haiku: Brittany Athey

Brittany Athey Pictures, Images and PhotosPigtails are awesome.
A celebrity lookalike?
Jessica Simpsonish.

(17 goddamn syllables)

Attractive Woman Haiku: Alix Bromley

Alix Bromley Pictures, Images and Photos
The internet meme star.
I will give you two guesses.
As to what is epic.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So yeah. Luke Ridnour's been signed.

If you were a Bucks fan you've been steeling yourself for the departure of Luke Ridnour from the Bucks. Today doesn't come as so much of a surprise. Ridnour's been signed. But that's not the story.

The team that signed him is.

Now, if you're reading this, you inadvertently clicked away from a photo of Kim Kardashian's ass, so I'll do this with some build. We're living in a world where you have a team that is managed by someone who makes Isiah Thomas look competent.

Check out the bullet points.
  • Drafted 4 point guards and made sure that his best point guard would stay in Spain last year (dealing the second best one to Denver as well.).
  • Added a quality point guard to further muddle the situation.
  • Signed an irrelevant joke best known for launching a classic NBA blog to a contract worth 5 million dollars a year.
  • Drafting two, and trading for two small forwards this year. (Trading a valuable salary chip for Martell Webster in the process.)
  • Adding one of the best headcases of the modern era (who also plays small forward).
  • Trading one of the best young low post scorers in the league in year two after an ACL injury to Utah for Kosta Koufos (who may...may grow up to be serviceable), two protected picks, and a trade exception. And yes, this was after they signed the man who launched the classic NBA blog.
And to the Timberwolves? There goes Luke Ridnour. For another 4 years and 16 million dollars. At a position where it would be easier to bring back Nick Calathes. Where Ramon Sessions is already an overqualified backup point guard. .

If I'm Glen Taylor? I put David Kahn under the MRI machine. Check for a tumor. Because clearly David Kahn is a troubled man.

In where the SEC runs College Football Scheduling

I do not defend the methodology of the scheduling of the FCS games for the Division 1-A teams. But the SEC does it differently than most. And as such? It's intriguing and a potential future trend.

Remember where you heard it from first.

Monday, July 12, 2010

In Which I Discuss Matters of Trappery in the SEC

You want to see where the top teams of the SEC can get taken down? You do? Bless your heart. We’re going to show you where you can look for an upset and we can do it…

Please do enjoy.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Attractive Woman Haiku: Ashley Greene

Asshley Greene Pictures, Images and Photos A new Megan Fox?
It doesn't matter really.
Next ones coming soon.

The Top Ten People Who Feel Good About LeBron's Newgrabbery

10. David Vitter
9. Jeff Greene
8. Jim Lecky
7. The Taliban
6. Bruno Fernandes (The Brazillian Rae Carruth)
5. The Homophobes of Cameroon
4. The NRCC
3. Sharon Angle
2. Johannes Mehserle (Oakland's burning right now.)

And the #1 person feeling great about how LeBron stole the Newscycle? Tony Heyward

Ba dum bum.

Okay. An obligatory LeBron James take.

I know, another LeBron take on the internet is something you don't want to read. But if I'm not going to sleep before I get this posted? I may as well put it out there.

Did I watch the special? No. I did not watch the special. Like most of us on the internet, the mere idea that LeBron James was going to get an hour to massage his ego made me sick. I would rather replay the frustrating sequence of Mr. Zero in GTA San Andreas and watch the delightful paintball episode of Community than attempt to stomach this.

Any problem with him signing with Miami? I believe that they're going to implode at some point. Strange things happen. Wade's injury prone. Bosh is mercurial. See the above paragraph. for my opinion on LeBron. That being said, he seems to be playing with his friends. And on that instance alone? I have no problem with LeBron.

But the biggest and my potential most hypocritical problem? His ego trip is a win. Seriously. Remember the premise of the special was to get people talking about him.

What's this post about?

Kevin Durant could be considered as much of a transcendent talent as Mr. James. And you could ask your average casual NBA fan about him and they may not know that he signed an extension with the Thunder. A classy, quiet move. And he should be rightfully regarded highly for it.

But he lost the news cycle. And I helped.

Yay, huh?

Attractive Woman Haiku: Katy Perry

A hipster doofus?
Sure. But one fact stays true.
Titties is mainstream.