Thursday, July 29, 2010

I have one word of advice for Doug Melvin!

Nine games out of first in the NL Central. 10 games out of the wild card slot. Seven teams to leapfrog to get that selfsame Wild Card. And the Milwaukee Brewers have decided that they're all in. Okay, maybe not all in.

But they're not looking to make a deal for a player they're not going to be able to keep or the guy having the career year. And it does not allow for them to get right. Because the fact of the matter? The Brewers are a fundamentally flawed team. It's a lot of power and hoping Yovani Gallardo and rain outs the other four days of the week.

Can you tell me that any other starter has been pitching well for the Brewers? Bush's ERA is about average, but the way his command has been going, that cannot possibly last. Randy Wolf's earned every ounce of terrible that he's been this year. Narveson's been slightly unlucky but not so much where his terrible is defensible. Parra's been okay and Capuano's got too small of a sample size to tell you the whys and wherefores of his year.

You know what? I can see the other side as well. The Brewers don't have to lose Hart and Fielder this year. There are interesting pitchers in free agency that could be affordable. But? Do you really want a Bedard-Pavano-Wellenmeyer free agent class as the answer to the rotation question?

I don't.

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