Monday, November 29, 2010

So you know how I watch wrestling, right?

If not? I do. I watch wrestling. And tonight had one heck of a main event. It wasn't the most technically proficient. But the story told here was awesome.

You have Jerry "the King" Lawler. 61 years old. Kind of a perv. But on his birthday? He's gets himself a match with the recently crowned WWE Champion The Miz.

And logically, you'd expect the match to go the way of the Miz. But the story told was a story where WWE Announcing colleague Michael Cole stopped Jerry inches from stealing the championship.

It allowed the Miz to recover, and ultimately win.

(Sorry about the Spoiler, but the listing of the age up front shoulda told ya.)

An entertaining match. Well broadcast and whatnot. But? There are people who find fault with the match. There are people who find fault with the Leader of the Cole Miners.

Are you ready for Swears? Go!

Wrestling Fans. You have to love them.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Arizona Stanford Prediction...

Awesome title, am I right?

But in the battle for the Holiday Bowl, this week will give you the team that's most likely to face Oklahoma in the Holiday Bowl. It's either a rematch of the Sun Bowl. Whimsy right there. Or it would be a Stoops Civil War. Which would have been hilarious.

Stanford's major strength is the fact that Stepfan Taylor has found a way to fill the hole of Toby Gerhart. Andrew Luck's just been his level of core competence, but if there was going to be success for the Cardinal? They were going to have to run the ball.

The line does deserve massive propers as well. They've allowed 3 sacks all year and generated the 12th ranked rush offense in the nation and 13th in runs per attempt. You want to know the reason why the Cardinal have 50 red zone attempts and are 2nd in the nation on 3rd down conversions? They've got an offensive line of genius power.

And if Arizona is going to win? Their defense is going to have to beat the offensive line. Not to say that their front seven isn't mighty. 6th against the run, 7th in terms of scoring defense. 3rd in sacks, 11th in tackles for loss, and 4th in yardage the defense has gained in their tackles for loss. Ricky Elmore is playing his ass off right now. And Jonathan Martin draws the assignment.

And don't forget that Brooks Reed is a solid second defensive lineman who can generate pressure in regards to the pass rush. Arizona is going to attack. And they're going to need to get to Andrew Luck. Because as the great American Ricky Stanzi showed, when you have time to throw, Arizona is beatable.

All in all? Neither team is going to score a copious amount of points. Arizona is going to get points whether or not Nick Foles can play. But Andrew Luck's going to have a fine game in response. They're going to play a solid, disciplined game overall, and they'll get a win. By like four.

Stanford 28, Arizona 24.

Baylor as Big 12 South Champs?

Am I kidding? Not really. It could happen. They get past Oklahoma state and all they have to do is beat Texas A&M and a paper tiger named Oklahoma. At worst, they're winning nine games. At worst.

Then again. They still have to get past Oklahoma State. And that means they get the mad genius of on Dana Hologorsen. And that's doomswitch time.

Now that being said, it's not as if Baylor can't matriculate the ball down the field with equal parts moxie and vigah. Both teams are top 10 in total offense, pass offense, as well as yards per play. Fun times could be had by all. Both teams could score 40.

Maybe even 50. After all, both teams can be thrown upon with equal parts moxie and vigor as well. Baylor's 87th against the pass. Oklahoma State? 113th. Remember, Taylor Martinez threw for 300 on the Cowboys.

So, obviously points are going to be scored and scored and scored and scored. So what's going to swing the game? Two things.

1) Red Zone play. Baylor's scored 15 touchdowns in 35 attempts. Oklahoma State has allowed 18 touchdowns in 29 red zone attempts. So if Baylor is going to win, they've got to avoid turning seven into three.

2) Baylor's been merely decent on the road. They got buzzbombed by a great TCU team, and that's okay. Because TCU is great. But that Texas Tech game is worrisome. The lone moment of pure Air Raid Magic came against Baylor. And the week after? Oklahoma State came into Lubbock and shut that down.

The winner of this game is going to win the Big 12 South. Oklahoma has to travel to both places to end the year, and I guarandamntee that they will not emerge unscathed. So, who wins this one? I'll say Oklahoma State 48, Baylor 44.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TCU-UTAH prediction?

Sure, I'm game for this. This is the sort of game that seems like it's going to come down to one thing. Both sides are pretty evenly matched. Tremendous offense versus Tremendous defense. Both teams have strong running games and both teams can stop the run.

Both teams can stop the pass. Both teams put up over 40 points and allow about 9-14 points per game. Both teams allow about 4 yards per play and generate about 7. Neither team has given up more than 5 sacks.

The one difference? Turnovers. Utah has a propensity to give them up. It's not as if they're at a -8 or anything. And it's not as if TCU is really great at generating them either. But, this needs further explanation. Like who played who and what not.

And here's where the other difference comes in. While neither team has a schedule to write home about, there is a stark difference in terms of the quality of play these teams have faced in terms of Yards Per Play Margin.

Point of fact, outside of the top 4, the Mountain West is really terrible this year. But while Pittsburgh is the best team that Utah played, and played entirely too closely I might add. Baylor and SMU both are giving it just as well as they are getting it this year, and while Oregon State's not going anywhere of consequence, their opening game versus TCU was them at the peak of their powers.

Jordan-Echols is going to be worth about 4 points for Utah. But TCU's toughness and that one Utah Mistake are going to be worth about 14. It'll be a tight one. But TCU is going to hang on. TCU 17, Utah 13. 

I have this notion.

This hunch if you will, that Boise State is about to lose. Sounds crazy, I know. But the thing about a stunning upset? Nobody's really going to talk about it. So, let me tell you why this can happen. And why this most likely won't.

1) Hawaii is freaking spectacular through the air.
The worst aspect of their game is in terms of completion percentage. 64.0% is good for 31st nationally. Then it's 11th in terms of yards per attempt, and they are the best in the world in terms of passing touchdowns, touchdown to interception ratio, and passing yardage. It's awesome numbers. And there's no reason why it can't continue.

2) They generate turnovers.
You need to be a ballhawking team if you're looking to shock the world. And Hawaii is talented at winning the turnover battle. 26 turnovers is good for 2nd in the country. A turnover margin of 11 is good enough for 4th. If this is to happen, you need to find success in this respect. Boise doesn't make many mistakes, but Hawaii can take advantage.

3) They make with the first downs.
218. Tied for 3rd. More first downs than Auburn and Baylor. Good for 11th in terms of per game. That means these kids sustain drives. And lord knows they will need to do it.

And yet? Because it's Boise State, and the game is in Boise. There are real reasons for this to be the fever dreams of someone desperate for content.And not just because it's a road game for the Rainbow Warriors.

1) They're 111th in Rush Offense.
Which is legitimately terrible to be sure, but the fact of the matter is that they weren't exactly likely going to get untracked against Boise State's 2nd ranked Rush D. There's gonna be a lot of off tackles for a yard and a half up in there.

2) They give up a bunch of sacks.
20 sacks in 9 games. Kinda terrible, it's tied for 88th in the nation. Though they have overcome this when they faced teams that generate sacks like Army and Fresno State, but Boise State is the sort of team where they have additional power to their defense. See point #1 for further proof. See point #3 for further further proof.

3) Boise State is a step up in Passing D weight class.
They're 8th in Pass Yardage. And as such? They are a few ticks better than Army and Fresno State. And a lot of ticks better than a USC. It's an unknown how exactly Hawaii is going to work against a defense such as this. Then again? Army and Fresno State gave up a combined 54-86 with 719 yards and 6 scores against an Hawaii could bring something to the table.

So what does it all mean. It means that Hawaii is probably going to have a game much like their game against USC, without USC chasing points from the two point conversions. Boise State's going to have a solid game. But Hawaii will be hanging around. Hanging around.

They'll be in a situration, a 4th and 4 from the 33, down by like 9. And it'll be midway through the third quarter. They hit the situation, and they'll go down to the wire. They don't?

They cover. Barely.