Monday, November 29, 2010

So you know how I watch wrestling, right?

If not? I do. I watch wrestling. And tonight had one heck of a main event. It wasn't the most technically proficient. But the story told here was awesome.

You have Jerry "the King" Lawler. 61 years old. Kind of a perv. But on his birthday? He's gets himself a match with the recently crowned WWE Champion The Miz.

And logically, you'd expect the match to go the way of the Miz. But the story told was a story where WWE Announcing colleague Michael Cole stopped Jerry inches from stealing the championship.

It allowed the Miz to recover, and ultimately win.

(Sorry about the Spoiler, but the listing of the age up front shoulda told ya.)

An entertaining match. Well broadcast and whatnot. But? There are people who find fault with the match. There are people who find fault with the Leader of the Cole Miners.

Are you ready for Swears? Go!

Wrestling Fans. You have to love them.

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