Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thoughts on a Rivalry...

They say the best villains are mirror images of the hero. Two sides of the same coin. Batman's strict moral code enmeshed with the Joker's nihilism and whatnot. And pro wrestling has the potential to have a classic feud developing between the Miz and Daniel Bryan.

The former Bryan Danielson is someone who represents the self-made wrestler. He's the world traveler. The one who willed himself through a lengthy match with a 300 pound Japanese man beast with a broken eye socket. The one who built a following on the fact that he could wrestle. The one everybody on the internet seemed to hope for success, but half-expected him to fail.

That being said? The Miz is the MTV star. Real World-Road Rules challenge icon. The one who willed himself into tag teaming with Coral whilst Danielson went through the Best of the Super Juniors. The one with the following built on the fact that he made himself into a character. The one the internet seemed to hope for failure, but is delightfully surprised to see that he has a legitimate claim to awesomeness.

And in this one minute? The Miz tells the viewing public why this feud has a real chance to be something memorable. Two sides of the same coin.The Miz has put in a lot of work to be where he is today, and the average fan doesn't realize, and the internet fan would never deign to put him on the same level as the heroic Daniel Bryan. Thus Bryan must pay.

On a pure storytelling level? This has a chance to be a starmaker and a moneymaker. I cannot wait to watch this unfold.

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