Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Can I do 200 words on a spare parts trade?

Because someone has to discuss this Ray Olmedo and Matt Treanor trade. And that someone will be me.

Ironically, this does have some sort of value for the Brewers. Treanor was going to have to walk away. They had no room for him in Triple-A and George "the Animal" Kottaras looked like he was going to be the stop gap as the back-up catcher. There was no room at the inn for him.

But that being said? The Brewers signed a player to a minor league deal in Luis Cruz who mangled his leg during winter ball. He was the good defense triple A middle infielder glove who we would break the glass to grab in case of emergency. But yeah. That didn't work. So, enter Rainer Olmedo.

To expect anything of any offensive value from Olmedo is naive. His age 27 and age 28 years had Triple A OPS hovering around Jason Kendall territory. His defense is pretty good as a middle infield glove. But you know what? It's okay. It's a warm body that if it all breaks right? He's in Nashville.

An inconsequential trade. But they got something for someone who was going to force an issue for the Brewers and walk away on Thursday. And that's cool. I guess.

Dollar tree middle infielder for the win.

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