Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My advice to Simon (on Sports)

In Regards to Manny Parra? I have to tell you that he has moved back into the general direction of the lefty pitcher with upside. If you look at his BAbip from last year, there is reason to believe that he will be better this year. And he has been better at limiting his baserunners in the small sample size. His WHIP is 1.25 for the spring. He's currently locked in a matcuhp with Dave Bush for the 4th starter.

Right now? Bush has shown the better stats. And I think if the Brewers aren't going to do anything with Suppan? The place where he can do the least damage is as the 5th starter. So the loser goes into the Seth McClung long relief role. In short. Hold. But be ready to drop him at the first sign of a sexy waiver pickup if he doesn't start hot.


Simon said...

Rick Peterson probably has him doing yoga blind folded in a Sauna while listening to the beautiful sounds of Kenny Logins, to help him throw strikes.

And Mr. Weeks?

Andrew said...

Again, the problem with Spring Training is that old issue of small sample size. But you know what? As of right now, it looks like he's healthy. Isolate his slugging percentage from his batting average? It's within line of his general power number. (459-297.)

Weeks has never had a problem showing his skills. His issue was just getting more than 450 at bats. He's 27 this year. So for however many at-bats he gets? Take the shot.