Sunday, May 9, 2010

I believe in Sports Karma...

I do. I believe that certain franchises are cursed because they have players do something bad. Or by the general egomania of certain owners. Sometimes, like when you're the Oakland Raiders? It's a little from column A and a little from Column B.

For whatever reason? The Suns have turned their karma back toward the positive. It could have something to do with Robert Sarver and his Los Suns protest. It could be because they have some of the best healers in professional sports. Or my gods.

Steve Nash had an iconic performance tonight. He went for 20 and 9. And half of that was with one eye. Literally one eye. You're going to try and explain it tomorrow, and peoples minds will be blown.

And as for the likely series versus the Lakers. The Lakers will rightfully be the favorites. But there are reasons for the Suns fans to think they'll find their way into the finals.

One, Kobe has a broken finger and between Jared Dudley and Grant Hill? He has himself a real tough draw. Two? The point guard match-up swings far, far into the favor of the Suns. And with the Suns ability to hit 40% or better from beyond the arc? The draw and kick would be masterful. Three? Lamar Odom waxes and wanes in terms of his entry point.

As such? I say the Suns are your Western Conference Champions.

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