Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big East Totally Cerebral Bias

Now that we've got that out of the way? The Big East. 16 teams. 4 good. 8 mediocre. 4 bad. Piece of cake lol.

Villanova (They're good. They run too. Taylor King's fun because he's a low-post threat with three point range. So yay.)
Syracuse (Wes Johnson is a God of Upstate New York. Know that Kratos is coming for you. He's got nothing to do after God of War Three.)
West Virginia (Typical Bob Huggins defensive based tomfoolery.)
Georgetown (You know, for a Georgetown team? They don't rebound well at all. Not at all. I could see them being the sort of team that gets bounced as a 13-4 Upset. If they play good defense and try to foul out Monroe? They have a punchers chance.)
Pittsburgh (The speedbump that they've hit is weird. It's not as if they've got injured. It's not as if they're worse at an integral aspect of their team. But they're staring down four losses in five games. I mean, is the fact that they're generating fewer steals really that important?)
Cincinnati (The key to success for this team was if Lance Stephenson was ready for prime time. He's not exactly been useless, but then again? If you're putting up 2 of 3 shots from beyond the arc per game and making 19 percent of them, you're not doing it right.)
Louisville (Louisville is only as strong as their defense. Their defense is merely good this year. They're not locking down the perimeter. And they are not limiting second chances. Thus? They look to have work to do.)
Marquette (With three people currently hitting over 50 percent from beyond the arc. In fairness, Jimmy Butler only chucks up one a game. But this is the sort of team that you're going to have to go to the mattresses to beat. They're 13-8 right now, seven of those losses are by 5 points or less, five by 2 points or less. Truly, Marquette will be a tough out.)
South Florida (Considering the tomfoolery and the shenanigans that involved Gus Gilchrist? The fact that this team has a shot at the NIT is a massive success. If they one one of their next three? Then can we see the NCAA discussions).
Notre Dame (Notre Dame can't defend. And they are afraid to foul. Yes, I'm saying it. Notre Dame are a bunch of pussies. Harangody is soft.)
Connecticut (I never thought a defense could actually miss A.J. Price's lead guardery. And yet? Here we are.)
Seton Hall (On the bubble borderline. Jeremy Hazell and Herb Pope are a nice inside outside threat. If Eugene Harvey steadies? The Pirates may break the walls down of the tournament Johnny Extreme style!)
St. John's (Two things I could see improving their lot. One, if Sean Evans stops being a doof and passes the ball. Two? A little more willingmess to attack the basket. They're not great at free throws. But a little more kamikaze would help their cause.)
Rutgers (Mike Rosario hasn't made the transition from a shooter to a scorer quite yet. But Jonathan Mitchell isn't a bad second option. He needs to be fed more.)
DePaul (They can't shoot. Not even Will Walker. Marquette will get burnt by the fact that they got burnt by DePaul. They're better than last year. Then again...they were classically terrible.)

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