Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Strange things happen in the Kohl Center.

I'm not trying to say that the Badgers are going to take down the Spartans. Sparty lives down low, and the Badgers are looking nuch like a Big 10 edition of a strong Missouri Valley Conference team with three guards and a "center" whos offense is based on pulling people away from the low post.

In what will undoubetdly be my most trenchant analysis of all time, the fact is the Badgers will need to make baskets to even have a chance here. (Okay, we'll call it over 40% of their threes.) Also? Second chance baskets. Get some. Convert them.

I know the home court environment is worth about five points. And upsets also happen. A pre-Cinderellan North Dakota State came to Madison and exited with nothing short of victory. But Michigan State is a legitimate force of basketball nature. I'll call it Michigan State 58, Wisconsin 52.

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