Monday, February 1, 2010

Say you're an NBA Player...

Let's say, Kevin Garnett. And an adorable dimwit comes in with little more than moxie and a jumphook and takes down the Celtics. So what happens next?

You scream out and you headbutt the stanchion. But the stanchion explodes!

And you lose your arms. After all, as a man, Kevin Garnett is not an arm gecko.

So basketball is not an option. What happens next?

You join the MLS. You play goal. And you become inspirational with flowing locks of Martin Hedjuk or however you spell it hair. You run around like a racing sausage or racing president.

It's ratings bonanza. It's 627292737297973263838 ESPY Awards. It's a game changer.

All because KG is not an Arm Gecko. But then again? Nothing is Impossible.

But just imagine an Armless Keving Garnett in a soccer jersey. It would look this.

Credit goes here...It was in 3 minutes that this photo popped up.

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Dennymayo said...

You know, his body is quite large and boxy. It's as if somebody just layered that jersey over top of an existing picture of KG on the basketball court.