Friday, November 13, 2009


I saw A Serious Man? And Michael Stuhlbarg owned it. If he doesn't get a lot of nominations come award season? It's a fraud.

I know Looper was spectacularly bad last season, but this sort of thing means the Brewers better get John Lackey. Two of Doug Davis and Randy Wolf would just depress everybody.

Pirate Radio? If there was a fart noise emoticon on blogger? I would give it a that out of five. The cast was good. But it was too, "THIS DIALOGUE IS GOING FOR AN OSCAR!" for my taste.

St. Peters and Wofford win the almost nearly but not quite hardly for the first full night of college hoops. St. Peters was 2 points away from taking down Seton Hall. And Pittsburgh 63-Wofford 60. Thus?

The rest is silence.

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