Thursday, November 26, 2009

Interesting Pieces...

Rumors are flying for Doug Melvin as he looks for pitching. You know about Lackey, you're fired up for the Halamalocalypse. But amidst that are two things that interest me. People. Two people that interest me?

The first? Justin Duchsherer, or as I would call him, the Arch-Duke. 2009 was a lost year for him. He had a second hip surgery, an elbow surgery, and a bout with depression. I'm not going to speculate on the whys and wherefores of a mans head when my head can go off on its own tangent, but if he's healthy?

His approach is off the charts. Not many righthanders are deemable as crafty? But the Arch-Duke is in spades. He led the AL in ERA for most of 2008. I know staying healthy is a skill. But if he is? The Brewers would be a great for him.

I mean, the National League is the supremely inferior league right?

(You don't want to know my reaction to that opinion.)

Anyway. Kevin Correia? He's probably not going to be as good as he was in San Diego last year. But so long as he doesn't let his solid command go down the drain? He's a fine fit for the end of the rotation. He's got around a 2 to 1 K/BB ratio. Nothing wrong with that.

Not at all. And then again? When Correia has been healthy? He's been quite good in the past three years as a starter. Yeah, I'll say it. He may be able to rock out a stronger year than last year.

If you bring these home Dougie? I'll start to trust you again. I know I've been hurt by recent events. But this would be a nice way to fill out the end of the rotation and in a worst case scenario? Add kickass middle relief.

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