Friday, November 6, 2009

The Obligatory Doug Melvin is doing it wrong post...

There will be a post upcoming on another site, where I made mention of several things I expected the Brewers to do and things I thought they should do. One of the things I thought was fated would be the fact that J.J. Hardy will get dealt. And it turns out? I was more right than I ever thought.

And yet? This deal is so so wrong. Why? Because I've called Carlos Gomez a Juan Pierre without all that incessant singles hitting. More of you follow my twitter. You know this.

J.J. Hardy is a shortstop that legitimately can hit .280 with 25 homers. I know, he's injury prone. But there have been three halfs of his career where the man was above .830 OPS as a shortstop. There's a real chance that he'll take out a .290/30/100, and it's not going to be for the Brewers.

The problem with Carlos Gomez? There's multiple problems to be perfectly honest. Age isn't one of them. He's still 24. But the power that was supposed to come? It has not. The approach at the plate? Still as raw as it was when Baseball America deigned him to be the Mets #3 prospect. Yeah, it's safe to say that Ken Macha may kill him in cold blood if he has to give him 500 at bats.

I know it's sort of unfair to blame Melvin for this. Hardy's trade value is at its worst. But this reeks of a panic trade. There had to be a Glen Perkins or Phillip Humber they could have got. HE HAS THE THIRD BEST UZR OF THE DECADE, AND HAS ONLY PLAYED IN ROUGHLY HALF OF IT!

I don't know what that is, but it's worth more than Carlos Flipping Gomez.

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