Sunday, November 8, 2009


I've vented my spleen on the tweeter. I've unfollowed some people who just had to be hilarious. And that's fine. But here's the deal. That loss will be the tipping point. The schedule gets a lot tougher from here on out.

This loss will be much like Navy to Notre Dame. An unsurvivable loss. Mike McCarthy allowed this team to hang around and give a rookie quarterback the time he needs to find his confidence. He's gone. And if Mike McCarthy goes? It goes without saying that Dom Capers may follow. And as much as Ted Thompson can cull some diamonds in the rough? His inability to find an offensive lineman will be his doom.

(And don't get me started on the fact that Daryn Colledge is fine with this loss. If he had heart? He wouldn't have been made to do a Sasha Pavlocic impression when he got bullrushed.)

And I have been a staunch Aaron Rodgers defender. No matter how badly it's broken? I've said Rodgers was the right call. But the man is scared under center. He's holding the ball like he's Tim Tebow and getting sacked like he's David Carr. Of course, redemption is only three fights away, but this is me at my lowest, darkest, and if you follow my twitter feed, craziest point.

Of course? They have eight games left. But here's the second half schedule.

San Fransisco
@ Detroit (Thanksgiving)
@ Chicago
@ Pittsburgh
@ Arizona

It's not impossible that McCarthy can go back to the spread and shred 4 wide sets that allowed Favre to get off to such a good start in 2007. But here's the deal. 6-10 looks like it's fated.

And I'm kind of sad about it, you know?

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