Sunday, November 15, 2009

You know what? I forgive Larry Harris.

Okay, not completely. But in terms of the Milwaukee Bucks? If the Bucks would have made the Chris Paul pick? They would have in no way made a move for Brandon Jennings.

I know that this is a sound of a man filled with youthful exuberance, but the Bucks look like they were gifted a Franchise player. I mean, he was a missed open three from tying the record for rookie points ever. And that includes the ridiculous running and gunning of the 1960's. Jennings flat out kicked it into God Mode.

Does this mean the Bucks are going to be a contender this year? Nope. If they get into the four-five game? I would still be stunned. And I am in first class on the Buckwagon. But in terms of a plan? The Bucks can be set up to very interesting.

I mean, in 2010? The draft is rich in fours. The Bucks don't need to attempt to make a tank job for Derrick Favors to get better. They can find an active four. And Redd and Gadzuric become expiring contracts for the team that Bill Simmons finally gets hired to generally manage.

Can we get a free agent? Very likely no one worth a damn. But that being said? John Hammond got a gift of someone who looks like a franchise changer. And if the front office doesn't do something stupid?

For the first time in a long time? The Bucks have an identity.

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Simon said...

Conversation in MSG:

Mike: "Hey Donnie, I need a point guard? That Jennings kid is good."

Donnie: "Huh? Mike? Power Forward?"

The Knicks select Jordan Hill, Power Forward Arizona.

Mike: "Ugh."