Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey BCS?

You have something that seemed like a lock of an easy call. And that's the SEC Champion meets Texas. You had the marqueest of the marquee matchups. But then somebody had to treat this like a lock and watched his Heisman trophy chances get eaten by the Ndakmong.

But yeah, Texas did win. In the most pathetic way imaginable. You have a timeout. Which you don't use. And you have a quarterback roll out for a pass. And you have to have replay put one second left on the clock for them to win. The stuff of national champions? Please.

So, I'm going to give you a legitimate case as to why TCU deserves to go over Texas.

1) The one common game both teams have played? TCU won by a larger scoring margin.

2) If you throw Clemson into the mix? Both teams have defeated three ranked opponents. TCU has won by a combined 62 points. Texas? 31.

3) Both teams average a 21 point margin of victory against their bowl eligible opponents.

4) And TCU crushed all of its opponents. All of them.

5) And choosing TCU would be worthwhile publicity, and in the rare positive move. No one outside Austin thinks Texas won their entry into the BCS. TCU in the BCS shows that this isn't a repressive system that eliminates all non BCS schools straight away.

But you know what? It's not going to happen. There's going to be talk, and probable institution of a plus one. And that's fine.

Except for the fact that it would solve nothing.

(But I'm being cynical. Aren't I?)


Anonymous said...
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One More Dying Quail said...

Didn't you see Colt McCoy's postgame interview? The rollout, the incomplete pass with one second left, it was MEANT to work out like that. No, really, it was. Honest.

Andrew said...

6) Turning Colt McCoy into Inspector Clouseau in a post game interview. That's indefensible.

Anonymous said...
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Geekette Bits said...

Check out another reason to love Colt McCoy and his classy post-2010 BCS Championship game interview:

Way to go Colt! Great attitude and faith! :D