Friday, December 4, 2009

You know what?

I am sorry. I am. But twitter can kill your will to blog. And on that not, let's smoothly segue to Craig Counsell.


Because the Brewers are doing it wrong! I have made myself patently clear that Craig Counsell has been a blight on the Brewers roster on several occasions. But you know what? He proved me wrong last year. He had a great season. A league average season, but let's look back at the decade previously in terms of OPS+ where 100 is league average

2000: 104
2001: 82
2002: 78
2003: 61
2004: 69
2005: 89
2006: 70
2007: 65
2008: 77
2009: 105

So when you consider the fact that Counsell's age 29 season was 2000? Can you see that there's a regression to the mean afoot? I know you can. And as such? Consider yourself lucky you got the good season.

(Sure, the Brewers had to take three years of crumbs to do it? But stay with me.)

For you see? His defense was never truly great in that whole I know he sucks, but his glove keeps him being above replacement levels sort of way since he became a Brewer. Not even when you add the fact that he can play three positions.

He can take a walk. But that's it. And you can find a minor leaguer with a good eye and little else for cheap. I mean, somebody rolled up and said Ruben Gotay, get in my spring training after all. I mean, who but superfans and the hardest of the hardcore have made mention of Brock Bond or Esteban German's plate discipline?

In fact? As I research reasons why the potential Craig Counsell resigning is flat out insane? I wounder why don't we go with German instead. He's 8 years younger, comes with speed as well as plate discipline at anywhere from two-fifths to one-sixth the price, and if he sucks? You don't have to stick with him because of loyalty or defensive rep.

...George, so to speak? Is upset.

Apologies for stealing the picture go to: Right Field Bleachers

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