Monday, December 14, 2009

On a day like today?

It sucks to be a small market baseball fan. You have John Lackey signing with Boston. And that should work out pretty well. And that also leads to a rumor that they're going to trade for Adrian Gonzalez, because there are only so many at-bats that you can have at first base/DH.

And the trade? Oh sweet Jesus. Halladay to Philly. Clifton Phifer Lee to Seattle. Two divisions suddenly have new expectations or expectations locked down. Big, bold moves. And you get your teams fanbases talking.

But then there's the Brewers. Guess what we did today? Re-signed Craig Counsell. Which is AWESOME. And along with that? We've locked down Claudio Vargas.


I know, I'm not exactly someone who should complain. If the team is close, I know for a fact that the big bold moves aren't out of the Brewers quiver. But after the wild card? It's ennui.

It's the fact that it's not completely insane to make an Ed Wade maneuver for middle relief help anymore. It's the fact that somehow Jason Kendall is still worth three million dollars a year.

Sorry. I'll move on. And transfer this to a LiveJournal soon enough.

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Simon said...

Come on Craig Counsell is a monster!

Also I really want a snuggy now.