Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I remember why I left watching the NBA.

It was because the referees had their fingers in the pies of the Conference finals. And I have to say, it was easy. I could keep a more cursory glance on the Bucks and let the basketball knowledge atrophy.

That being said? I came back in full force last season. And it was a fun season to watch. Not so happy the Lakers took it down, but hey. That's okay.

Tonight on the other hand stings a little. I know the Lakers were going to get a call or two along the way. But the Bucks earned a win here that was taken away. Not because of Kobe's buzzer beater. Okay, yes. That was the coup de grace.

However? The referees gave Kobe the opportunity. +19 in free throws. An egregious lane violation. And a call that so enraged the announcers that people are trying to make a meme.


Ah well. I found something that makes me feel better.

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