Friday, October 30, 2009

Brandon Jennings is the NBA.

Okay, that's a hyperbolic headline. And as much or as little as I post? I try to avoid such hyperbole.

But you look at Brandon Jennings tonight and you see all that is wrong and all that is right. He has spectacular atheticism. Stunning court vision as well. He managed to get rebounds.

And he attacked for the triple double when he knew it was close. Admittedly, this stat grab has justification. The only one who had a debut triple tens? The Big O. And this team got launched today.

But you know what? We've got hope. If this is his floor? His ceiling is going to be spectacular. 2009 may not be big for Milwaukee? But 2010?

Ooh wee.

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rakeback said...

Jennings has been dominant so far for the Bucks. As a lifelong Bucks fan, I really hope that they trade Michael Redd and make Jennings the permanent point guard.