Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I consider myself to be a Democrat...

Because it's the party that fits my values. At least my values in terms of what I learned in Civics class. After all, what the Republican party was is long sense changed from what it was. But the thing that I've come to realize?

I'm on the wrong side of everything. Most of you are too. Not for nothing, you just don't bring enough to the table. And once you find that out. It's okay.

If you expect nothing from anybody in power? If you expect nothing from anybody who wants power? You won't be disappointed. As much as you love your Marcy Kaptur or Alan Grayson? They're Congressional backbenchers. People will not buy them off.

I mean really. You might be able to bring the power of three, four other people into the equation. I may be able to bring the idle person googling D'Nika Romero into the equation. But a bank can provide an idle congressman with over one million dollars. And that is why we are nothing but peasants to them.

I know. I'm being cranky. But you know I'm right.

Moving on.

(Hey 2 posts in one day! Whoo!)


KL Snow said...

I agree entirely with your feeling about money in politics.

With that said, the best part of this post is the fact that it introduced me to D'Nika Romero.

Andrew said...

Sad but true. I so lack faith in my writing right now, I need to give you a google search for someone with a big ass and a mid-range jumper.