Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NBA Storylines in Twitter Sized Bytes. A preview.

Yeah. You can explain it thusly. Each teams storyline in 140 Characters or less. Let's work it out.

Atlantic Division
Boston Celtics: Will Kevin Garnett stay healthy or not be looked upon as a tremendous dick for his "sideline intensity?" No and No.
New Jersey Nets: Will the new ownership group led by Nikolai Volkoff install a Mafiya-like toughness for a team built on Devin Harris?
New York Knicks: Will they play well enough to get a BIG-TIME FREE AGENT to come in 2010? (Couldn't afford the liscening fee for a BTFA).
Philadelphia 76ers: This team was better last season when Elton Brand went down, can they find a way to mesh this season?
Toronto Raptors: Who leaves Toronto first? Chris Bosh or Gavin "Spinner" Mason?

Central Division
Chicago Bulls: Can an interesting melange of young talent overcome their idiot coach?
Cleveland Cavaliers: Will everyone outside of the mainstream media despie LeBron James unless he's on their team?
Detroit Pistons: Where the fuck did the genius Joe Dumars go? We'd like him back please.
Indiana Pacers: Who let Dahntay Jones in here? Seriously. Who let Dahntay Jones in?
Milwaukee Bucks: Can the didatic between youth energy and right way mesh before Skiles wears out his welcome?

Southeast Division
Atlanta Hawks: Are the Chicago Bulls looking into their future?
Charlotte Bobcats: Can they improve their lot as the rich man's Milwaukee Bucks? Because that's what they are.
Miami Heat: Dwayne Wade. What more can he do? I mean, can the Bease join him to make sweet sweet TV.
Orlando Magic: Is Vince Carter Shiva the destroyer upon any team that he surveys?
Washington Wizards: Will Agent Zero get some games under his belt so that wags like me would see the whimsy again?

Southwest Division
Dallas Mavericks: Can this team tap into their NBA Live 05 potential?
Houston Rockets: Ctrl-V from the last five years, Can they overcome the injuries of Yao and T-Mac?
Memphis Grizzlies: Can the worst run franchise in the NBA stop sucking so daggum much?
New Orleans Hornets: Can the starting five manage to be healthy for all 82 games?
San Antonio Spurs: Will the Spurs inevitable success make my brain say rage?

Northwest Division
Denver Nuggets: Why didn't they try for a big, bold move?
Minnesota Timberwolves: Does this year even matter or are we going to watch for down the road?
Portland Trail Blazers: Did Kevin Pritchard outgenius himself this offseason?
Oklahoma City Thunder: Is there any blogger in the world not on this teams bandwagon?
Utah Jazz: Can they make a run before the contracts and market size shut the door.

Pacific Division
Golden State Warriors: Why is crazy McOldfart still here? Guess if it's Nellie or Mr. I make love to pressure.
Los Angeles Clippers: Can the team on the floor overcome the coach on the bench? They have a fun starting five if it can.
Los Angeles Lakers: Will this team implode in a batch of Moster Kardashian infused attention whoring?
Phoenix Suns: Will a return to a more innocent time with known Pat Burke foil Alvin Gentry be enough to get more than just good feelings?
Sacramento Kings: Are the Maloofs going to move this team? Because they made a coaching hire designed to move this team.

Okay. That's fine. A good solid post.

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