Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well...that last post happened.

The Badgers lost Gerrit Graham, and that allowed Iowa to get 17 unanswered points because for the Badgers? That's where most of the pass balance goes. They were able to run on Iowa. But just not well enough.

So it looks like another bowl trip to Florida for Wisco. Not indefensible. But it's like the song says. Is that all there is for being a Badger football fan? I really would like to disagree. But I cannot.

As for Iowa? With Tony Pike's injury and the sudden degeneration of Terrelle Pryor under the regime of the vested sweater? The rent to owner of the darkhorse BCS championship contender? It is team Black Heart Gold Pants.

Even if, as Adam Jacobi said, week one was like robbing a bank with a banana with gun written on it.

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