Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Ted Thompson...

For crap fucking sake, you're doing it wrong.

Ahman Green was done before he left the last time. I know he's a high character guy, and he can still passblock. But he's done. Injury prone. Much worse than Grant running the ball.

And yet? Sold!

Here's the thing, when you have a running back? You have a career that is short and cold. And when you have a running back, the difference between a young street free agent and a good runner is miniscule. Remember when Samkon Gado brought the thunder after Ahman went out for the year? These things happen every season.

But instead of taking a flyer on a Lex Hilliard or a Javarris Williams? They go back to the dry well. Running backs don't get their groove back once it's gone. And this is just a desperation play. Flat out, pure and simple.

In conclusion, goddamnit.


The Grand National Championships

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