Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ten Fantasy Football Thoughts...

No need for an introduction, this post will be what you think it is.

10. If you can find an upgrade, and catches aren't a factor in your league? I would consider cutting bait on Leon Washington. Now, the odds on a real upgrade are longish. But if you're looking at a Jerome Harrison? I would go as far as cutting the guy who lost run to Shonn Greene.

9. Ronnie Brown is someone who you can find a way to get interested in. In the next 4 weeks? It's the Jets twice, the Saints and a bye. After that? It's mostly cake.

8. You can't cut Romo, but the guy does not have clutch decision making skills. If you have a backup in the David Garrard phylum? You have to call him your QB1.

7. Easy way to a defense by comittee? Whoever plays the Rams and or Browns.

6. Or the Raiders. (By the by? Drop all Raiders.)

5. I would wait one more week before I decided to roll out onto the Mo Massaquoi train. Unless your scenario is a desperate one. Your hitched your wagon to Laurent Robinson? Make a run for Massaquoi.

4. Don't make a move for Rashard Mendenhall until he shows this type of running versus a team with a real run defense. Please be patient.

3. Vernon Davis is having a breakout. Huh. Who saw it coming?

2. If you have the space? Pick up Matt Leinart. If you don't? Wait for a time when you need only one quarterback.

1. If Ricky Williams is available? I would pick him up. I expect you would find both Brown and Rilliams get 20 or so touches until Henne gets some semblance of a groove. Which won't happen.

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