Wednesday, January 20, 2010

In an effort to procure more content?

Okay, here's the deal. I love television. Right now? I love television more than sports. Not that I don't love sports anymore, but I'm going to try and play at being Alan Sepinwall. Will it work? Maybe?

But I'm going to take a look at a show whose hype machine was so insiduous, whose promotion was so ubiquitous, that even seven years later I can still remember every portion of the show's initial commercial. That's right. For the pain, it's That 80's Show.

A little background, eh? You see, in 2001, That 70's Show was at its peak. Season 3 had powerfully good ratings in the key demographics. Wilmer Valderamma was culturally relevant. And we were still trying to heal from the tragedy that was I Am Sam.

So Fox went to the television firm of Turner and Brazill and said? We need a hit! And the creators of that 70's Show said? Move it up a decade? And the Fox Execs said...brilliant!

But there is one good thing from this show lasting 13 Episodes? If it was a hit, we would not have had the Dennis System.

Are there more? Well, I'll tell you this, I'd have to throw out the pilot to tell you. Comedish pilots usually aren't great. And if you're a show that promoted itself for three months with one commecial, a.k.a. Tinsley Grimes dancing is fine, but dude what the fuck is it's not a pay phone it's a portable phone doing as one of the funniest parts of the show? It made the show arrive dead on arrival.

Because Chyler Leigh as a punk rock girl was a good decision.

More to come.

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