Thursday, January 21, 2010

That 80's Show: Episodes 2-4

I'll level with you. I wasn't really a fan of that 70's Show, so this would be a more harshly graded scenario. If I keep this up. But suffice it to say? This show would not fall under the designation of brilliant but cancelled.

Episode 2, a.k.a. Valentines Day? Simple sitcom trope. A box of chocolates find their way to the record store? And record store lady says that Tuesday sent it to Corey. But she also said Corey sent it to Tuesday! ZOMG Hilarity ensues. Or not. B Plot? Owen is on leave from the Navy, and Tinsley Grimes is his girl. But...circumstances won't allow them to have sex! OH NOOOOOOO! D.

Episode 3, a.k.a. Tuesday Comes Over? So Brittany Daniel is still doing that whole, sexual harrassement is funny if its girl on girl thing. Which really isn't. No matter what the laugh track tries to tell you. But that's more for the next episode. This episode, she sells the dad a hot tub. And Tuesday's living in her car! So Tinsley Grimes finds out and offers her a hot shower and laundry. But Corey lives at home! OH NO! Seems he lied about it. But hey. He finds Liberty Spikes hot.

Episode 4, a.k.a. Corey's Remix? Not as bad as the first three. As you can tell, I've been reviewing these based on the things that I think sucked? And in this one? Not so much with that whole suck thing. Still not great, but I've spent worse 21-22 minutes in my life. Oh wait. There is one thing. The whole it's not a payphone it's a portable phone guy? THAT JOKE GOT PAID THE FUCK OFF! WHOO!

Now, since we know that this whole show is something less than brilliant but cancelled, here's where we're going to go. Could this show have hit its stride with a little bit of tenderness. Or was the DENNIS system treatment the right idea?

Join me won't you?

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