Monday, January 18, 2010

Really Notre Dame? Really?

Hot off the heels of having three people come up with the a student newspaper cartoon so offensive Carlos Mencia wouldn't touch it? The Norte Dame Catholicism Wow winter campaign is in full swing.

For you see? There are some who would deem Brian Kelly unfit to coach Notre Dame because he isn't Catholic enough. Well, because he's pro-choice. And all good Catholics are pro-life.

And if you ask me? It makes total sense. Rick Majerus was a good coach for those godless heathens in Utah. He makes statements in support of pro-choice? And suddenly, his coaching skill is gone. Don't beleieve me? Look at the Billikens records since Majerus arrived.

I'm just saying. If you're going to have a politically pure football program? Brian Kelly has got to make his stand. One sentence stating you're pro-life, and all is forgiven.

Catholic Jesus runs like that.

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