Thursday, January 28, 2010

Inglett and Edmonds.

While the dreams of Frank Inglett and Tom Edmonds becoming a modern day Loggins and Messina reside in the ashbin of their Pooh Corner cover? The Brewers have smoothly made some attempts at filling out their roster with excellent skills at low costs.

Joe Inglett has been a solid righty masher (for a middle infielder) who's served time at four positions, even though he really can only defend three. A career line of .298/.351/.407 versus righties is a valuable asset to have. I know he's already in his early 30's, so this may be the exact ceiling of his usage. But here's the deal.

He's Weeks insurance. We know that he's not going to play nearly as much on the roster if Weeks can manage to get himself 500 at-bats. And to get a low cost asset to use mostly at second base as good as Inglett in back up terms? It's not a bad thing, it is most definitely a good thing.

Now, in the Wildcard category? We have Jim Edmonds comeback attempt. The guy spent 2009 in the unwanted bin of Free Agency. One would assume that he demanded to roam Center Field or a multi-year deal and no team really wanted to have to deal with all that. Because his 2008 was great as a Cub, but you know what else?

He was unlucky. For the year, his BAbip was a ridiculously low .249. But even as a Cub, when it seemed as if he was hooked up to a juvenation machine? His BAbip was .257.

But that's not where Edmonds makes his money. Where Edmonds makes his money is as a righty masher. He had a .998 OPS versus righties as a Cub. So yeah. That's where last we left him. Put it simply, if he's useful, all he has to do is slug .500 as a Brewer versus right handed pitchers.

And get 400-450 plate appearances.

But lets be honest. If Corey Hart was actually able to be trusted? I wouldn't be nearly as excited by the signing of a 39 year-old who skipped 2009.

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