Friday, January 29, 2010

A very early assessment of what I'd like from the Packers.

This is the sort of scenario that you'd love because the Packers have a window of opportunity that is wide open. The weaknesses are glaring, but we have a draft that's widely regarded to be a better draft in terms of quantity than what we had last year. And I think Double T has a chance to keep this team at Super Bowl contention.

1) Bruce Campbell OT-Maryland

In the first Round, I do expect the Packers to shop smart and go after someone to fulfill the left tackle position. What does Campbell bring to the table? Great athleticism for one thing. A killer combine and I can wave goodbye to this dream. Also, he played much of the year with turf toe. His run game skills are imperfect, but he definitely can fit in a passing league. Groovy.

2) Dominique Franks CB-Oklahoma

This is the sort of guy who would learn how he can attain full Al Harris from being tutored by Al Harris. He's a physical press corner who was a shutdown corner in the Big 12 South. He's fundamentally sound, but he has the hands that turn interceptions to deflections. But for a second round pick? Great value.

3) Antonio Coleman DE-Auburn

We had hoped that Aaron Kampman could convert to a 3-4 Linebacker. It didn't work. Brad Jones basically was a better fit last season on little more than raw talent. It's honestly unknown how Coleman would do in pass coverage, but he's spent three seasons living in SEC backfields. He's got a high motor and a sweet array of pass rush moves. Put him opposite of Clay Matthews. I am literally smiling as I type that.

4) Larry Asante SS-Nebraska

With both safeties as Free Agents, why not take a flyer on a guy who compares favorably to Louis Delmas? He is a killer in the back half of the secondary. Killshots for anybody who would dare cross his path. And in run support? This strong safety is like an extra linebacker. He's not a playmaker vis a vis picks and deflections. But he won't be embarrassed.

5) James Starks RB-Buffalo

If James Starks had a good 2009, he would have been in contention to be a second round pick. Instead? The draft question is wholly combine dependent after he injured his shoulder and missed the season. It's a shame really, because this kid is gifted. High production, above average speed and good strength. He can pass catch as well. (2nd in catches for the Bulls as a Freshman, 300 yards in receptions as a Soph).

6) Ryan Perriloux QB-Jacksonville State

Okay, remember this is what I'd like from the Packers. And I'd like a developmental quarterback. Granted, like when I said I kind of wanted Bernard Scott last year, the ex-LSU QB is odds on going to be a Bengal. But no quarterback has the Physical gifts of Perriloux. I'd be fine with Dan LeFevour or Tim Hiller or some random dude. But I'd take a home run swing here.

7) John Estes C-Hawaii

The Packers have a nice guard prospect in T.J. Lang and beyond that? Not much. John Estes isn't super-powerful but he's with good technique and a great motor. He won't quit on a run play by any stretch. But he can lose his leverage if he has to maintain his fit. So yeah.

Now a scenario where Ted Thompson turns the third pick into a 4 and two 6's isn't out of the realm of possibility. And last year he shocked the world when he traded up for Clay Matthews. So I guess what I'm trying to say is the total number of picks will in no way be seven.

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