Monday, January 25, 2010

That 80's Show: Searching for an Exit.

Three episodes to go on this 2002 failed sitcom, and here are certain things I've learned about this. The transition of Sophia from a randomly predatory bisexual to someone working at RT's firm? Good. Katie going lighter on the Valley Girl timbre? Also good. RT in general? The best part of the show.

The show? Still just barely watchable. It's like most television. You could see it getting better. But is it worth it? Usually no. You could give it 4 seasons and it wouldn't be worth your time.

And this was really a paint by numbers show anyway. They took the That 70's show archetypes and switched them up for the main characters. I mean, how's this for an example.

Corey = Eric
Katie = Laura
Sophia = Jackie
Tuesday = Hyde
Roger = Fez
RT = Kelso

So you know what? This show got what was deserved. Dennis went off to do better things, and the rest aren't exactly starving for work. So yeah. Moving on.

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