Saturday, January 23, 2010

That 80's Show Part Three

I don't know why I'm still doing this. We've established that this show is not brilliant but cancelled. In fact? We've established the fact the show is batting .250 in terms of watchability.

But since I promised that we were going down this road? We continue.

"A Friend Dies," here's the basic plot. An acquaintance of the gang who wears shiny pants dies. Another one of your basic TV plots. It is what it is. But knowing the magnificent bastardy of Dennis Reynolds? Having Chyler Leigh complain about Glenn Howerton being such a boyscout is retroactively hilarious.

In "Spring Break '84" it's another basic sitcom trope. Tinsley Grimes' credit card has been maxed out! Oh no! So there's an overwrought plot about how she hides out in Rogers apartment. And Tuesday and Corey finally decided to go on a date and there's the fact Roger can't stay on the couch. That was a chuckleworthy running joke for 80's Fez.

I didn't exactly hate "Katie's Birthday" but I did realize something. Dennis and Tuesday did not have great chemistry. The rule that if there must be a whoo in the laugh track the story must suck. And the sad thing? The teased relationship between RT and Margaret actually had chemistry.

So we're at 3 for 8 in watchability. 5 episodes to go and I can exorcise the demons from my iPod.

While you're at it? You want my take on the Grant Desme scenario? Of course you do.

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