Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm going to roll out of bed with a string of ramblings...

I've got to get shit out of my head. And I'm going to make swings and take swings. Randomness here and randomness there.

Now, I'm never going to be a baseball manager, but if I was Ken Macha and I had a pitcher who struggled so mightily in the first half? If he was showing success with the back-up catcher, he would get the back-up catcher. Craig Counsell may suck, but he'll get on base enough to have it be worth your time if you're desperate.

Speaking of desperation? The Brewers do entirely reek of it. Matt Holliday goes to St. Louis and gets the Pujols bump in his stats. The Astros are inexplicably in the middle of this. And while somebody said the Cubs were bound to have injuries sink them? The pack has kept them in it.

Do they make a move and kill the future to cold chill at the present in the Halladay in? I have to say no. Halladay is great. But does he get the Brewers a chance at a pennant? No. I can't see an Escobar, Parra, Hart, and Brett Lawrie package not killing the Brewers future. We've been marginalized.

Or for the want of sticky icky, a division championship has been lost.

Here's what I want to say about Deadspin. It has gotten worse. I don't blame Daulerio. Any newbie was going to get pushed over to get the blog more into the Yellow Journalisitic gawker ideal. I'm not hating the player, but man, fuck the game.

Isiah Whitlock, Jr. is a character actor who always brings a charismatic force and Nolan Richardsonish looks to whatever role he plays. Sadly, no one will remember him for anything beyond being the sheeit guy. HE WAS DOC LOUIS, DAMNIT!

He was Doc Louis.

Now I'm not one for guilty pleasures, but Degrassi: The Next Generation has one of the great modern portrayals of the Byronic Hero.

And when Santino Marella can't save a comedy sketch? You have negative charisma.

And if you're in a keeper league and you lose 4 of your top ten draft picks to the DL in a 30-team 34 set-up? It's not your year.

Having Vincente Padilla as a keeper is just retarded. I'm just saying, Bill Simmons, fantasy expert.

Has Starbury gone back to a manic indie thrill? I say yes. It's a wonderful thing. The Starbury as cancer meme is dying out.

Jerryd Bayless. Offer Portland a 1 or twelve twos. You will not be disappointed.

I know, it's just like a twitter feed. But you know what? You get to read it here. I may post something on Bus Leagues this weekend, I may not. Something sparked a hint of creativity.

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