Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Underrated Movie of July.

You know me. I like movies. I have a tag that says that. And I found a hidden gem that everybody needs to see. Or at the very least seek out.

For July? It's Overnight.

This just might be one of the great stories of fevered ego in the modern era. It's the story of Troy Duffy, the mind behind the cult hit The Boondock Saints. He comes into the movie signing a deal where he gets $300,000 for the script, a record deal based on his band doing the soundtrack, a first look deal for his production company, and J. Sloans bar in Los Angeles. He then proceeds to piss it all away.

Now Mirimax does put the movie into turnaround, but even at the start of the movie, Troy shows that success isn't something he can handle very well. And we're kind of waiting to see how he falls. Because he is not the sympathetic hero. He gets a taste of success and it all goes to shit.

The ending is poignant. We see all the members of the band working in menial labor. We see Troy skulking about. And it makes you think. After making you laugh and feel sympathy for the major characters.


But you know what? The one thing Hollywood wants more than anything is a good redemption story. And there's a sequel coming to Boondock Saints. November 1st? Troy Duffy gets his shot in Boondock Saints II.

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