Saturday, July 11, 2009

The No-Hitter...

It's my favorite thing ever in sports. Better than fantasy sports. Better than the NFL Draft. Better than anything.
Why? It's the thing that reminds me of my dad the most.
The Wisconsin sports market was rather bereft for a child of the 80's. I mean sure, the Bucks were entertaining for the most part, but they never were a threat for glory. So my earliest sports memory? It was a Juan Nieves no-hitter. Robin Yount made the diving catch to clinch it.
My dad would always yell at the TV. I would repeat it, but I would get yelled at for it.
But this started a streak. We ended up watching or listening to several no-hitters in my childhood. Dad woke me up for Nolan Ryan and the double no-no. We would spend an afternoon listening to Wilson Alvarez get his piece of baseball immortality. And then there was the inexplicable Jose Jimenez no-hitter.
But tonight's made me wistful. Jon Sanchez is the second Puerto Rican to toss a no-no. The first? Juan Nieves. 
Tonight would have been fun to watch with my dad. 

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