Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Derrick Mason Retirement.

Means three things for the Ravens.

1) Mark Clayton has to step up to the Derrick Mason role.

You've always thought Mark Clayton could have been better. Maybe you thought he should have been better. But he does have a home run threat to his game, and with Joe Flacco and his big arm? If the Ravens don't make a move, he has a chance for a better late than never breakout.

2) Demetrius Williams

He's got a chance to start at present, and if he stays healthy? He could be great. But he's got a mid-Atlantic Mike Walker sort of a thing about him. Marcus Smith becomes a name for the waiver watch list. Not Justin Harper. Marcus Smith.

3) They have a free shot to make a move.

If they trade for Brandon Marshall, disregard Clayton and the talent from 3-5. Brandon supercedes everything. The same may go for Plaxico Burress. But if the move is Amani Toomer or D.J. Hackett? You have no reason to notice that. Toomer would get outplayed by a certain point this year. D.J. Hackett is a Demetrius Williams who had his shot.

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