Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Serbia has a real prospect of intrigue...

And if you guessed that it has something to do with Basketball? You're right. But you don't know exactly the whats and whys.

The doughy faced guy watching the action is what I want to talk to you about. Now I know what you're thinking. He's a doughy faced Serbian, how can he be good at basketball. Why? Because he's just like Kevin Love.

Okay. Not just like Kevin Love. But he does bring a spectacular level of offense to the table. He's Milan Mavcan and he is a fat Hedo. He can send the ball out to start the break with the outlet pass. He has a crafty and efficent level of offense. He can put up the three. He can set screens. He has court vision.

In fact he can run the floor as well.

Maybe this is because I'm a sort of a fat guy. But you know what? I can see him as being a literary hoops fan's guy. It's a burly dude who can play like the point guard. He is the strangest tweener ever. If you look at his Z chart, he's a one and a two. But he's going to be a four.

I know, we may never see him here. But if and when he does get here? He's going to be a fun player to watch. And fun is good, yeah?


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