Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Deepest Quarterback Sleeper that nobody really knows...

Now, that the clock has turned from July to August, baseball takes a rest period as we decide to talk about football. And many of us have an inclination toward the fantastical news reports. And the strength of this research is in the sleeper.

And I have a guy for you to play quarterback that can win you the league off of the waiver wire should disaster strike. It may sound crazy right now, but trust this.

Kevin Kolb

If given the opportunity, Kevin Kolb will be fantastically fantastic.

The Eagles have given Donovan McNabb the keys to an offense that should be spectacular. You have a new Pro Bowl Left Tackle in Jason Peters. You have a new home run threat in Jeremy Maclin, and you have the future Brian Westbrook in LeSean McCoy. Add to that Donovan McNabb's twisty sort of legitimacy in terms of consistency as well as health, and you can see a situation where Kevin can get the opportunity to be great.

But can he take control of it? And didn't he suck last year? Well, in terms of opportunity, it wasn't exactly a situation for the quarterback to succeed. He came in at the half versus a Super Bowl caliber defense. They ate his lunch because he was wild and tried to force things.

Some strong quarterbacks have crapped the bed in their first game. The homer in me wants to mention Aaron Rodgers, so I will. He has great weapons. And two strong triplets can find their way to lift up a third. Not saying you have to draft him?

Just saying you're going to need to break your neck to pick him up if he gets extended time.

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