Monday, August 17, 2009

I hear isn't a taken domain...

I've been willing to give John Hammond the benefit of the doubt. They've gone younger and cheaper with more flexibility. They've found a way to get me kind of excited for the Bucks as a fun to watch team that would be a lot more entertaining then their record indicated.

That is...until today.

Because when you have someone with at least six illegitimate kids finding a seemingly prodigous ability to rack up fouls as a major character flaw, you have to bend over backwards to make him happy. So you trade two of the most potentially exciting Bucks on the team for the Argentinian 2-Guard answer to Luke Ridnour and Loco Roko.

Carlos Delfino is a tall two who can hit an occasional three who spent last year in Russia because he's the sort of guy who has no glaring skill or weakness to his game. Now he's probably better than Sonny Weems, but for a two year deal with an option for three? Send his ass back to Russia.

And Roko Uric. He's a lead guard. He actually has some savior faire when he has the ball in his hands, and as Skiles wants, he is a good defender. But since he's useless off ball, he can't play the two. And he's also here for two years.

Maybe there's a higher floor for Delfino and Uric, but the upside? Please. Amir or Weems doesn't emerge? We have no issues. They gone.

This trade feels like something Skiles demanded. More of a mistake proof team for two high energy players who could help give this team an identity with less money on the docket for 2010. I know, we're not going to get the superstar in free agency.

But here's the thing, sportsfans, if Scott Skiles is still around by the time Hammond has to consider the option on Delfino? I will make the douchiest move ever.

I will put my basketball fandom on free agency, because clearly the good Dr. John Hammond doesn't know what he's doing.

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