Monday, August 31, 2009

Ten things I learned from a 6 pack of fantasy football drafts.

It was a busy weekend. In between my disc problems, my blogger auction league, as well as my paid league? I had a busy and painful weekend. So, we're going to get back into the bloggersphere with a list post. Nice and easy. Baby steps. Rehab it.

10. Inexplicably, I like the Raiders.

In every league I've found myself with at least one or two Raiders. Usually it was someone along the lines of Darren McFadden with a Michael Bush chaser. But I do think we could see a pretty good season for JaMarcus Russell. Or, at the very least a solid season from Zach Miller, and Chaz Schilens as my upside guy.

9. Peyton Manning is a 3rd round pick.

And that's just value right there.

8. Brandon Marshall is falling into the double digit rounds.

And if he gets to Round 10? You have to take a flier. He may not play for you, or he may win the league for you. Draft him as a solid WR4.

7. If you can get Jason Witten in the 4th round?

I know it's a deep year for tight ends, but no one has numbers that can rival a WR1. Either get Witten or wait for some good depth in the 7th-8th Round.

6. You can make the playoffs without drafting a running back until Round 5.

Guys like McFadden, Ray Rice, and Marshawn Lynch can be a 1-2 punch for your team in rounds 5 and 6 of your scenario. You can find value late at running back.

5. You should not autobid in an auction draft full of first timers.

They act like they're in the pits of the NYSE in the dotcom era. And you're left with LenDale White as your starting runner and Ahmad Bradshaw as a 12 dollar bid and 8 receivers. Take the time and price your players.

4. Get Chaz Schilens during week 2.

Just trust me.

3. I don't trust MJD as a #1 running back in non-PPR leagues.

But he's a safer play than Adrian Peterson in a full Points Per Reception League.

2. My #1 unsexy mid-round Running Back?

It's Earnest Graham. He's going to get all the Tampa goal line carries. He could be all LenDale White.

1. My #1 sexy mid-round running back?

Leon Washington. This could be the year he becomes Tiki Barber.

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