Monday, August 3, 2009

The Undervalued (12-16th round ADP)

Now I know, all I've really done with my blog is get a pity link and change the fashionability of the blog. It looks all avant-garde. I'm happy with it.

Now, as you could tell, the pity link was based on the premise of Kevin Kolb being a great back-up. We're going to be talking fantasy football. I got a start on their tier system last month, and I'll do more this month. But you know what? The kids' a sleeper homer.

So I'll give you a list. At least one per position. These may not be pure sleeper gold. But they may be a nice thing to remember when you're at the end of the draft and stumped.

QB: Jason Campbell (13.12 ADP)

I'm not telling you to bet on a home run from this pick. Not without someone of the Devin Thomas-Malcolm Kelly picks from '08 emerging. But you know what? He is going into the year with no threats to win his job. He also gets a second year with a playbook, rumors that Devin Thomas may be ready to at least be decent, and a last place schedule with three AFC West opponents. He's currently below Brett Favre in terms of ADP. You could do worse.

RB: Kevin Faulk (Undrafted), Michael Bush (14.04 ADP), Jamaal Charles (13.10 ADP)

You could always do worse in terms of an RB4 than Kevin Faulk. And I'm not talking about one of those frakakta Points Per Catch Leagues either. He's always going to get you around 750-800 total yards and 5 scores. And cosidering the aged and injury prone Patriots backfield, he's a no downside end of the draft pick.

Michael Bush gashed Tampa Bay for 177 yards and 2 scores in week 17. It cost a lot of people jobs. Not the least of whom is possibly Justin Fargas. For while Justin Fargas is steady and dull with his injury prone? Michael Bush is big and fast with soft hands. Someone's going to play Deuce McAlister to Darren McFadden's Reggie Bush. I'd bet on the Kentuckian.

Jammaal Charles downside is as another Kevin Faulkish type of back. If that happens? Expect to get about 150 touches, 750 yards, and 3-5 scores. Not bad for end of draft. But the Chiefs want him to become the next Clinton Portis. With his home run speed and slashery. He's put on muscle and has not lost a step. If he keeps his hands on the ball? He will be starting by 2010.

WR: Josh Morgan (15.01 ADP), Mushin Muhammad (14.05 ADP), Chris Henry (14.12 ADP)

Yeah, the 49ers drafted Darkness Crabtree. Yeah, they still don't have a real quarterback. Yeah, but Josh Morgan has the potential to be a fringe WR3. He's killed it in OTA'S. He showed flashes of brilliance during the season in-between a couple of injuries. Let someone else draft the Darkness. Josh Morgan's the value play for you. 14th round steal.

Lost amidst the running game, Steve Smith, and the final horrendous meltdown of Jake Delhomme was the return to a solid #3 WR status of Mushin Muhammad. Really. He was pretty good as a 35 year-old last year. And he does not have that training camp competition that other elderly receivers look like they have to deal with. It's not much upside, but in the 14th round? You get a dude who gets looks.

Trust. It's a hell of a thing. And while many in the media never had a trust in Chris Henry, young Carson Palmer always did. Now that the narrative about Chris Henry is that he's left his actafoolery behind, you can feel good about drafting him. But considering that in the years that he and Palmer had good health and decent brains, he had 15 scores in 125 targets. That's with Housh and with Chad Johnson. Housh is gone. 8-5 and Palmer are still not all good. Laverneus Coles has never been a red zone threat. Chris Henry looks to be downright efficient.

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