Monday, September 28, 2009

10 NFL Notes/Reactions/Twitter-size Rambles.

You know how this makes me feel? I'm really someone who likes to keep the original content going. I don't want to use numbers as a prompt for my post. But since I want to provide content, here we go.

10. I'm excited that Josh Johnson is getting run as a starting quarterback. He's a dynamic force who has been hyperproductive in the lower level. That being said? Washington and Philadeplhia are going to be real challenges for Johnson straight away. It does get easier in the second half.

9. With Laurent Robinson being out for the season, the Rams look like they are going to be a serious threat for 0-16. But I could see a scenario where they make a post bye week dead cat bounce.

8. I am still going to hang on to Chaz Schilens for one more week. You can replace all Raiders not named Darren McFadden if you want. Depending on the activity of your waiver wire, Zach Miller falls into the droppable list. But 8 out of 10 situations you need to hang on.

7. Obvious waiver wire pick-up for a Laurent Robinson owner? Pierre Garcon.

6. The running back I would trade for? Marshawn Lynch. A bad team's RB1 who gets the majority of carries a.k.a. Darren McFadden? That would be my trade. Why? While Fred Jackson will get a Reggie Bush sort of run, Marshawn will get 200 carries and all the goal line stuff.

5. If Ted Ginn struggles the rest of the way? We can write him off.

4. The best fantasy football plug-in running back for the next two weeks? Glen Coffee. Start your!

3. Chris Henry has been lost in the shuffle. The only way he's currently playable is in a TD-only league when you're hurting. Drop him everywhere else for now.

2. The sleeper of 2009? The Bengals. Seriously.

1. One of the rare Fantasy Football games I really want is happening next week. Hef is the proprietor of Major League Jerk. You have seem me with caps locked text in his general direction on several occasions via the the twitter. I play him this week. I'm a 65 point underdog. I want the single greatest upset in the Twitter based sportsblog action league history.

I need this.

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