Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Fantasy Football Top 5 List Triad

I know I'll be late on one of these lists, but I'll bring your information that you need to help your team out. In terms of guys to target as well as guys to dump. From week 1 until I have no reason to do fantasy football references. I will make at least three top five lists.

Top 5 Players You Should Not Press The Panic Button On.

1) Steve Smith (WR-CAR)
--I know that Jake Delhomme has about seventeen forks in his back. But here's the thing? The Panthers have a chance to generate a good offense for the next two months. You get a panicky owner? And you can have him at a low value.

2) Jermichael Finley (TE-GB)
--All summer long, you've heard one thing about Finley. He's going to be the single greatest force in terms of seam-stretching Y-control. And then the regular season rolls around? One target. One grab. Six yards. But he does not have another a bad matchup until Week 11. Stay strong on your sleeper.

3) Marshawn Lynch (RB-Buf)
--Now everybody is talking about Fred Jackson, and his super inspirational story. And you know what? He's probably still rosterable as a handcuff. But here's the deal. Marshawn gets his yards and Marshawn gets his scores. And while he won't be getting the checkdown love? He's still a consistent force. It'll be a mistake to let him go cheap.

4) Willie Parker (RB-Pit)
--Stash him for a month. Because if he is healthy? He is going to make a run at six weeks of glory from Week 5 onward. If you wish to hedge your bets with a Mewelde Moore? I can bless that. But he's not done yet, and Rashard Mendenhall? He just might be.

5) Donnie Avery (WR-St.L)
--Donnie Avery is going to have a tremendous second half. I mean really. The worst match-up that the Rams have from Week 8 onward is at Chicago. I know there's the Bulger problem, but you know what? This team will jell. He will be on my buy low list at some point.

The Top 5 waiver wire pick-ups. Now.

1) Mark Sanchez (QB-NYJ)
--I've got a projection. There will be some story in November asking the question, have rookie quarterbacks turned the corner? The AFC East looks like a very strong division to throw on this season, and add in Tennessee, Tampa Bay, and potentially Atlanta (week 16 at Home) and you have a quarterback with the opportunity to prove himself as a worthy starter.

2) Raiders. Seriously.
--Louis Murphy is big and fast and nearly helped the Raiders shock the world. And until Chaz Schilens comes back from his foot injury, we have the Raiders #1 receiver. But with Chaz Schilens healthy? We've got a competent passing game. Who knew? And in terms of the running game? You cannot ignore the fact that Michael Bush punched it in.

3) Mark Clayton (WR-Bal)
--I know that Joe Flacco was freakish for week one. And I know that Derrick Mason is someone who's made of possession receiving prototyping. But here's the thing. Clayton is healthy. And while Joe Flacco's week one may have been his best? He'll have plenty of opportunity for good games.

4) Earl Bennett (WR-Chi)
--I've made mention of Earl Bennett before as a potential posession receiver with yards after catchability. He proved that right. If he's there, pick him up now. Pittsburgh can be thrown on.

5) The Redskins Defense.
Some of us didn't reach in the seventh round for Pittsburgh or Baltimore. Some of us waited until the next to last round to pick somebody up. But for the next 5 weeks? The Redskins have 4 match-ups of their next 5 where they rank 3rd, 5th, 1st, and 7th when compared to their opponent. Cut them before they play Philly and you're gold.

Top 5 Stash Plays

1) Matt Leinart (QB-Arz)
--Kind of obvious, but come on. I mean, come on. Arizona has a second half built for chucking the ball around the field. And if he sees the field? He's got a shot to be quite successful as well as a non-bust.

2) James Davis (RB-Cle)
--I know, the rumor was that he was so good Jamal Lewis was supposed to be cut. But he's got a great batch of run skills. And if you don't need a positional upgrade, he's worthwhile to hang on to. Truth be told.

3) Laurent Robinson (WR-St.L)--Now I know that some people have been all up in Laurent Robinson and his #1 targets this week. However? Like I said with Donnie Avery. It's a wino eating grapes pickup. Dude. You've got to wait.

4) Deon Butler (WR-Sea)
--He is currently a #3 receiver. And he is likely to stay as a #3 receiver if health permits. But if not? The Seahawks are going to throw on some suckers in the second half of the year. Nate Burleson goes down? Jump on this faster than a fat kid eating cake.

5) Jared Cook (TE-Ten)
--Because he's a man of supreme physical skill in an offense that throws a ridiculous amount to the tight end. What else is there?

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