Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So you know how it seemed odd that Oregon suspended Blount for the year?

Especially when you realize that Byron Hout got "internal punishment?" Well, E.J. Prince broke out something interesting on twitter. What, exactly, did he say, well...

@iamcutdacheck: Just talked to Jamere Holland (from Oregon WR) said that L. Blount socked dude from Boise State cuz he called him a nigger

So you have a University that has a talented but troubled running back, who has a bad game. And you've got some cocky dude in the doucheband saying the one thing you're not supposed to say. Was his action justified? No. But was it understandable?

Yeah. But Oregon completely overreacted in response. It's submarining a first round talent's future to end his senior season like that. And especially considering that on Sportsmanship week, some dumbass from Idaho decides to rub it in. And nothing happens.

I always liked Boise State. But this sort of thing? Indefensible on all sides.

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