Saturday, September 26, 2009

The seven things I learned about college football today?

1. Florida State will have at least three more games that will stun the absolute fuck out of conventional wisdom. I know other people have been all over this, so let me nutshell it. They were super scrappy versus Miami and killed BYU's national championship hopes. And then they lost to South Florida and nearly gacked it all over the D1-AA versus Jacksonville State.

2. The meme of TCU as BCS Buster? Just gained a lot of strength. They have to beat BYU in Provo, but that's fine. They win out? Their SOS is a lot stronger than Boise State.

3. Even though the Oregon "upset" of Cal makes Boise State's case for BCS entry a whole lot stronger. I only say upset in quotes because this is how Cal rolls each and every season. Momentairly, they look like a national power. And then they vomit over themselves.

4. Darkhorse National Championship candidate? Cincinnati.

5. The stealth fun game of next week? Wisconsin travels to Minnesota. Weird things happen in Minnesota for Bunyan's Axe. Remember 2005? I do.

...I thought YouTube had a video. Man. Suffice it to say there was a great punt block with 20 seconds to go that the Badgers recovered in the end zone to win. And the finals the last four games in Minnesota.

42-31 Minnesota
37-34 Minnesota
38-34 Wisconsin
41-34 Wisconsin

6. Either Mississippi State is going to be awesome in a year or LSU is going to fall off a cliff. I don't get LSU. And my other job requires me to.

7. Iowa has been a thorn in old man Paterno's side since the Nittany joined the Big 10.

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