Friday, September 4, 2009

Ten Things that confuse me...

I know, I know. I don't have my energies focused, and I apologize. I'm going to do a mini-rant of several things that baffle me. So here we go.

10) Why are we firing offensive coordinators right before the season?

I mean really. We're right before the season starts, and three teams have found a way to fire their offensive coordinator. And you know what? That's brilliant. You have two teams who couldn't bring together a new offense without lasting the preseason. Cripes, alfridey get a new offense.

9) The Bucks have failed the offseason.

You have two players under 25 with talent and intrigue who are restricted free agents? You make moves to try and get under the cap. And you don't keep either. Because of Scott Skiles. Awesome.

8) LaGarrette Blount.

That Boise State game was odd. If this was the NFL? Chip Kelly would be on the hot seat. No other top 25 team will ever come into Boise. But you're taking away the man's right to a future with a season-long suspension. You have guys who swing helmets who get four game suspensions. So yeah. Nuts to that.

7) Could Jonathan Crompton have been the problem?

Bowling Green put up numbers Tennessee could have only dreamed about last year. 31 points. I mean, wow.

6) Maybe I was wrong about Temple being this year's Buffalo.

Though Villanova is stealthy in the One dubs because it plays in the same division in Richmond. Good looking out, money.

5) But this was awesome.


4) Oh Michigan...

When naming a true Freshman starter is a relief, you're an irrelevant joke. And I love you for it.

*e-hugs Rich Rodriguez*

3) The Cleveland Browns are comedy gold.

Rumors of Jamal Lewis getting cut. Still no official starting QB. If it wasn't for seven other teams being a mess? This would be awesome.

2) The seven other teams that are a mess?

Buffalo, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Denver, Oakland, Detroit, and Philadelphia. I may be reaching on Philly, but there are cracks in the facade.

1) The Brewers need to find a way to flip Fielder this off-season.

Sorry about my damn luck, because Fielder is awesome, but they can't live on a diet of Looper and Suppan. They need talent. Or at the very least the bargain guys who came up big at one point.



Anonymous said...

I'm a Boise State fan, but I agree with you. Blount should not have been suspended for a whole season. I had friends in the stands and they said that Blount lost his cool with the fans because someone used racially charged language against him. And, no one is even talking about Hout. What is it that he said that set Blount off? If Blount is out for a season, Hout should be out for at least some part of it.

Andrew said...

About the only thing I can see is that Blount wasn't exactly the easiest player to deal with (he was suspended for about two months during the offseason for basically noshowing doing the work) and he did give Boise some pregame Bulletin Board material. And they decided that it wasn't worth his talent. Not a legitimate reason, but still.

But Hout probably did deserve some form of punishment. You get that sort of a reaction from a person and it isn't merely something along the lines of ha ha we won or some lame taunt like that. Even a game off for Hout would be a fair punishment.